Four Awesome Sewing Ideas This Holiday Season
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  • Posted September 23, 2016
Four Awesome Sewing Ideas This Holiday Season

4 Awesome Sewing Ideas This Coming Holiday Season

4 Awesome Sewing Ideas This Coming Holiday Season

For those people who have strong admiration towards sewing, the holiday season is actually a perfect opportunity to make stuff for the ones you love. You can create a sweater or bag and simply wrap it as Christmas presents. Isn’t that a cool thing to do? Besides, you don’t really have to spend that much.

Well, if you’re excited to start a new project, here are a few ideas to help you create handmade holidays for your family without getting overwhelmed in the process. Good luck!

Look For Wonderful Ideas

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It’s possibility that you might have been sourcing craft tutorials from social media sites all year long. But, for now, it is the right time to go through your list of “to-do” projects and your list of recipients. Do any of them align? If you’re short on ideas, you can always seek help and/or advises from friends or sewing colleagues. It’s best to have something for foundation.

Always Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead in sewing.(Picture from

Why don’t you take a look at your calendar and decide how much time you’ll literally need to start a sewing project. All you need to do is to schedule all of your other holiday obligations (i.e. cookie baking, meetings, company parties, etc.) then block out your sewing time. Buy your materials and notions, pre-wash and press your fabrics and organize a master list. If you’re making anything seasonal, such as a Christmas apron, it’s a good idea to make it first. The idea is to find time enough to save you from all the sewing commitment.

Bulk Sewing

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Plan to make projects that you can give to more than one person on your list. Do all of the cutting at once, the sewing at once, the finishing at once. By changing out color and fabrics, each gift will feel personal yet be more interesting for you to make more than once. Not only will this save you time, but can also help you to be more cost-effective.

Don’t Forget to Have a Back-up Plan

Always have a back-up plan.(Pictue from

The holiday season can be a fast and fun time for you, your family and any other personal/non-personal commitments. Hence, more often than not, your best sewing intentions don’t always work out. Well, if that’s the case, having a good back-up is always an indispensable option for you. For example, you already have planned for a certain sewing list and you found out that the materials needed are scarce; hence the key is to have a back-up project that will accommodate the situation. Remember: you’ll never know how things will go especially during the yuletide season.


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