4 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Who Sews
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  • Posted December 09, 2015
4 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Who Sews

4 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Who Sews

4 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Who Sews

Almost everyone knows the concept of sewing or how it’s done – basically. You get the same reactions, responses, or even requests when someone finds out that you sew. The same scenario could happen to you, such as asking a sewist to finish a particular project. Although everyone (including you) means well, there are things that sewing professionals wouldn’t want to hear for the nth time.

So! To give you an idea on what words to avoid, below are things you should never attempt to say to someone who loves sewing.

How Much Would You Charge for a Pair of Pants I Need Hemmed?

Well, this could be fine if and only if you’re talking to a tailor or a friend who does various alterations in general. However, for most of those who sew – be as a hobby or as a business – they would rather not hem. Let alone getting paid for doing it.

A pants being hemmed in a sewing machine.(Picture from www.tashamillergriffith.com)

While it certainly could take a tailor a short amount of time to complete the job, it will take someone who sews a bit longer since he/she doesn’t do it all the time. Besides, it will get in the way of all the fun stuff sewing enthusiasts would rather enjoy in sewing, or their time for fabric petting and working on a next project.

Does Anyone Still Do Sewing?

Although one could say that sewing is a bit old fashioned, it doesn’t have to be all the time. Of course, when some isn’t sewing, they could be grilling steak in the backyard or cleaning his/her clothes on a washboard in the basement.

A woman sewing using sewing machine.(Picture from www.sheknows.com)

Just remember that crafting is considered a $30 billion industry, and dedicated quilters – those who head to their machines several times a week – spent $2.5 billion on their hobby based on recent statistical study. It might hold true that many people no longer sew for necessity, but the fact is that they still sew.

Are You the One Who Made That? Cool! You’re So Talented! Why Not Start Your Own Business, Eh?

Whether you agree or not, you don’t have nearly enough friends or colleagues to keep a sewing enthusiast in business. And people who go to craft shows like to think they can “make it themselves,” study my work, and walk away without buying. You can say that this is totally well-meaning and that your comments are very kind and flattering. However, most of people who sew have, at one time or another, either tried to make a business of selling wares, or that they’ve most probably made money in another way – in a sewing-related field or not.

A woman sewing in the back of a van.(Picture from www.annieoakley.org)

Selling finished products is tough work and requires a lot of time, energy, dedication, and stick-to-it-not It is worth noting that online selling requires learning photography skills and social media strategies. Craft-show selling requires lots of weekends away and bulk creating. Selling to boutiques requires pricing, marketing, and sales skills. If we’re not already selling finished sewn products, there’s likely a reason why.

It Would Really be Great if You Can Sew My Wedding Dress!

A woman wearing a wedding dress.(Picture from www.modernwedding.com.au)

Have you heard of someone asking a regular sewist to sew a complicated project such as wedding dresses? Well, if you do, he/she should have known better. It’s important that people understand that sewists aren’t couture seamstresses. Wedding dress, in particular, requires a good amount of work work and pressure, let alone the time needed to finish a special project. They might not even really know what to do with all of those fancy fabrics. So, if you have the money, better contact a company (or person) better at making wedding dresses. Besides, it’s intended for a very special occasion and you don’t want to ruin it.


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