Five Important Maintenance Tips for Sewing Machine
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  • Posted December 15, 2015
Five Important Maintenance Tips for Sewing Machine

5 Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

5 Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

Needless to say, sewing machines have been around since time immemorial or the days of your grandparents. The only thing that has changed, however, is the equipment itself. For instance, there are sewing machines that offer various features, unlike to the old-fashioned ones. Nevertheless, be it small or big, sewing machines are all the same and they need the same type of maintenance as well.

This article will help you understand how cleaning and maintenance should be done to your sewing machine. If you do so, you’ll surely have less frequent visits to service center and, above all, save huge amount of money. So! Go through the pointers below and remember them.


Unplugging sewing machine prior to maintenance.(Picture from

It’s always best that you make an effort to always unplug your machine prior to any cleaning session. Not only is this for your safety, but will also guarantee to avoid any further damage to the machine. So, whenever you start another cleaning session, be sure your sewing machine is unplugged.

Change Your Machine’s Oil Periodically

An oil used for maintaining sewing machine.(Picture from

Remember that sewing machine oil is clear white in nature, and, most importantly, it is advisable for an average user to completely replace all the oil at least once per year. However, if you’re a frequent user who utilizes your machine day and night, you may want to opt for changing the sewing machine’s oil two to three times a year.

The Needles

A sewing machine's needle and presser foot.(Picture from

The needles are obviously other essential components of your sewing machine. However, you can’t simply judge if a needle is worn out or not just by way of looking at it. Hence it is advisable that you change the needle every 2 weeks for users who utilize sewing machines frequently. Average users, on the other hand, can go for needle changing at least once a month.

Overall Cleaning

Overall cleaning done on sewing machine.(Picture from

It is also important that you value overall cleaning, as it is very essential in maintaining your machine. You can always use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt from the surface of the machine. Moreover, you can utilize plastic cover to protect your machine from dust and dirt.

Consider Hiring Sewing Machine Maintenance Specialists

Sewing machine maintenance specialist.(Picture from

Although there are things that you can do in terms of maintenance, one of the best ways to keep your machine in tip-top condition is to have it regularly checked at sewing machine maintenance centers. You have to put in mind that there are people who specialize in this kind of job; hence it is vital for you to seek for their help. This is most especially if you have no prior knowledge to how sewing machine works.


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