New in Sewing Knits? Double Knit Fabrics Starting Point
New in Sewing Knits? Double Knit Fabrics Starting Point

Are You New in Sewing Knits? Make Double Knit Fabrics Your Starting Point

Are You New in Sewing Knits? Make Double Knit Fabrics Your Starting Point

If you are new to sewing with knits, double knit is definitely a great starting point. This kind of fabric is more stable and doesn’t roll much compared to its lighter weight friends; thus you’ll find them easy to sew. And if you want something crisp and structured look, double knit fiber is a great choice for you.

By the way, this should not be mistaken for knitting your own double knit.

Double Knit Fabrics Yesterday and Today

First off, there’s no need to worry about double knit fabrics as you can sew as many beautiful garments you want. It’s basically an all-around fabric for those who want to wear clothes all year round. Nevertheless, it has a rich history that can help you understand in one way or another.

an example of a double knit fabric(Picture from

If you have lived through the 1970s or are a fan of fashions during that era, you might perceive double knits as low-quality, stiff, and the 100% polyester of yesterday. However, that’s a thing in the past – double knit fabrics are pretty much different now.

Nowadays, this fabric’s textiles, which are sort of low quality, are mainly reserved for things like cheer clothing and/or heavy duty uniform pants (similar to what police officers wear). However, most fabric stores supply sewists who are making dresses, jackets, trousers, and tops than those of the past. Lucky for you, you can find wonderful selections made from variety of fibers.

What is Double Knit?

Double knit fabric originated from Italy, and because of the unusual structure that ithas, it provides several benefits compared to either woven fabric or other types of knits. Basically, the fabric’s structure can both be plain and simple, or really complex yet interesting.

a blue-colored double knit fabric(Picture from

This kind of fabricis made usingtwo sets of needles, creating loops on both the front and back. These loops are interwoven in such way, so that the two layers are intertwined and will not separate. This will lead toa dense fabric that is twice the thickness of a normal knit fabric and possesses firm stability on par with woven fabrics.

When Should You Use a Double Knit?

Double knits tend to be stronger and more stable than any other types of knits, thus making them easier to sew with, although it’s less stretchy. When you hold a double knit, you’ll surely notice the its firm and thick. This structure is really ideal for fabrics that will be used in garments that require durability or when you desire to have a heavier drape and hand of fabric for all sorts of garment.

For designers, the main reason they love working with double knits is due to the ease of handling in both sewing and cutting. They are great to sew with and have a lot of body compared to other knits. So, if you are new to sewing, double knit fabrics are good to start with.


Alvin is a fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing his own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives him another avenue to express his experiences and learning in his sewing journey.

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