Choosing the Right Fabric for An Easy Sewing Project
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  • Posted July 11, 2016
Choosing the Right Fabric for An Easy Sewing Project

Beginner-Friendly Types of Sewing Fabric

Beginner-Friendly Types of Sewing Fabric

The success of every sewing project relies less on your skills and more on the reliability and compatibility of the materials that are being used. And this is where majority of the sewing beginners often encounter a stumbling block. Oftentimes, they start off with the regular sewing materials and accessories that the veterans are already using. This will make even the easiest sewing project challenging.

There are beginner-friendly sewing materials, and it is totally fine to use them first. One of the most crucial choice is the type of sewing fabric that will be used in a certain project. Any longtime sewing hobbyist would know that the fabric type can truly make or break a sewing project. So, to increase your chances of a successful and lovely sewing project, stick to the types of sewing fabric that are proven to be beginner-friendly:

  • Linen

Since your first sewing projects will probably be basic ones like bedsheets, aprons, and cushions, go for a linen fabric, which make good and comfortable results. Aside from that linen is also soft enough to work around with, so it’s easier to create cleaner stitches. Not only are linens easier to sew, but they are also one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, so once you progress to creating clothing projects, you can never go wrong with linen, as well.

  • Cotton

This is probably one of the most popular fabrics in the world for a myriad of reasons, and one of that is how easy it is to care for any cotton-based fabric. Cotton fabric, especially the sturdy ones are easy to cut and sew, this means lesser pin and marking work for you. Aside from that, you will also come up with some of the most comfortable results possible, including shirts, dresses, and bed coverings. Cotton fabric are also friendly enough for hand stitching.

  • Wool

When we speak of wool, we easily think of winter clothing – which most beginners may not yet be ready for. But, it’s important to note that there are actually lighter and friendlier types of wools that can be made into different casual sewing projects like dress and skirts. Whenever ready, you can even make your own cozy cardigan out of wool. This type of fabric is very stable and soft to work with, so it will make the sewing experience breezier.

  • Denim

Speaking of sturdy fabrics for beginners, you cannot pick any sturdier type of fabric than denim. “But isn’t it too stiff for beginners?” While you are not expected to sew award-winning jeans, yet, there are softer and lighter denims that will be fun to work with. One is of course the timeless denim skirts, denim tops, and denim patches.

The colors and patterns of the sewing fabric will also affect the difficulty level of your project, so for a start, try sticking with solid colors first. Eventually, you will deserve those lovely prints that you’ve been eyeing.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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