Review on the Top Silai Machines in the Market
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  • Posted September 27, 2016
Review on the Top Silai Machines in the Market

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

This post is certainly long overdue. Over the course of sewing and blogging about it, I’ve been ask countless of times about my top choices of sewing machine brands. It’s not like I have used more than five brands in my entire stint in sewing, really. But, in the same way, anyone who has gotten engrossed to sewing will always fancy something new, including a new silai machine to play around with.

Personally, there are only top three factors that I look for in a sewing machine to consider it the best: versatility, durability, and accessories. You may have different needs from your sewing machine, and that’s alright because chances are these top brands can offer it, as well. A good sewing machine should be functional enough for almost any sewing project, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the craft.

Best Sewing Machine For Every Beginner

Singer 9960/9970

When it comes to reliable sewing machine brands, you really can’t go wrong with Singer. The brand has been producing quality sewing machines for as long as I can remember (perhaps as long as the existence of sewing, itself?). So, when I shop for a sewing machine, I always go for Singer first, and their 9960 model has been one of the most highly acclaimed by the sewing community. Singer 9960/9970 is exquisite enough for the veterans, since you can almost any project comfortably here from basic stitches to quilting. Despite that, the machine will also not intimidate beginners since its design and features are basic enough to be played around with. But my top favorite of all from this sewing machine are the built-in 600 stitch patterns! It’s basically any sewing enthusiast’s heaven.

Brother HC 1850

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t been an owner of any Brother sewing machine, yet, but this is the brand I’ve been with while I was still trying make my way into sewing. Brother sewing machines is among the beginner-friendly brands. It has more basic models that are determined to impress. One of which is the Brother HC1850 that has 130 built-in stiches, perfect for decorative sewing. Even beginners can learn to appreciate this feature. The machine also has a LED accessory that allows easier sewing on darker fabric or room (although this really is not recommended, as noted on the sewing safety post, earlier). Since I am for sewing machine that has more room for accessories, Brother HC1850 delivers just that. You can do basic monogramming here, create buttonholes, and enjoy free-motion quilting.

Brother PC420PRW 294

Almost anything can be computerized these days, including sewing machines! I could be wrong but Brother PC420PRW 294- is simply making every sewing hobbyists dream come true. If you want to create couture sewing projects like you’ve never done before, this sewing machine is your top weapon. It has a 11-presser feet and customizable stitch feature. That struggle to achieve a flawless and consistent stitch? Brother PC420PRW 294- got you covered with its customization and precision feature. You can now work on those fabric that used to scare you, because the machine will make it more seamless for you. Go ahead sew that silk dress you’ve always wanted. Want to try out leather fabrics? Do it with this sewing machine for a more professional result.

Choosing the best sewing machine has greatly something to do with your actually sewing routine and goals, but these three sewing machines listed above are simply the finds that I think you cannot go wrong with.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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