A List of the Best Sewing Shops In New York Today
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  • Posted June 30, 2016
A List of the Best Sewing Shops In New York Today

Best Sewing Shops In Europe To Check Out

Best Sewing Shops In Europe To Check Out

One of the most fun parts when starting or pursuing a sewing hobby is hopping from one sewing shop to another. The colorful supplies from these shops are definitely drool-worthy. After a good amount of window shopping, the tougher part comes in – choosing the best sewing shop for you.

To be honest, the process of choosing the sewing shop that will truly work for you is a matter of trial and error experience. After all, how do you really know which one is the best for you if you still haven’t tried enough options? We created this list to serve as guide. We are vouching for these best sewing shops because we know that you will not be disappointed in terms of supplies, inventory, service, and price. There are times, during the course of your trial and error process that you’d end up with a sewing shop that will only be both a waste of time and money. This list will spare you from that experience.

Stofgiganted Denmark

A local Danish sewing shop dedicated to providing the highest quality of fabrics for all sewing enthusiasts, wherever you may be in Europe. An added bonus to that is their fabric designs are all eye candies. This sewing shop is home to several grades and types of fabrics that you can use for almost any project you want. Whether you want to make a dress, pants, sweater, table cloth, and upholstery, you can easily find the right fabric from Stofgiganted. This shop is highly recommended for those who are meticulous in their fabric usage. Another good thing about this online sewing shop is their efficient check out and delivery system. No need to wait for week before your purchase arrive at your doorstep.

Buy this pattern hereBuy this pattern here.

Groves and Bank

If you are looking for a reliabe sewing shop for accessories, needlecrafts, and haberdashery, then you can always count on Groves and Bank. They are long-time wholesaler of sewing products catering to majority of Europe. You can be sure that their products are of high quality because the shop only carries the leading brands in the sewing industry like YKK Zips, Gutermann, and Clover.

Bernstein & Banleys Ltd. / The Lining Company

When speaking of reliability, there is also no better sewing shop to turn to than Bernstein and Banleys. This family business has been in the business for decades, mainly kept afloat by their quality and consistent inventory of sewing supplies. From a small beginning, the sewing shop is now a wholesaler of many of our sewing goals like lining fabrics, trimmings, buttons, that we usually see from couture creations. If you want to add flare and elegance in your sewing projects, you can turn to this European sewing shop for the right supplies.

Behren’s Fabrics

Looking for interesting fabric choices? Behren’s got you covered. You can turn to this sewing shop for an extensive range of fabrics, from the basic to the most high-end ones. Both beginner and veteran in the sewing craft can find their fabric match here. The main product of Behren’s are quality trimmings and patchworks.

Richard James Weldon

A trip to London is not complete without a quick visit this vintage sewing shop. This has been around since the 1800s and has managed to evolve with the times, a testament that sewing is truly a craft that has withstood decades of trends and styles. Today, Richard James Weldon provides a wide range of sewing products from buttons, custom lining, fabric and canvass, leather, and many other sewing accessories that you may have not thought of having yet. The shop currently now has their online shop that offers next-day delivery.

Susie D Designs

It’s also refreshing to discover sewing shops that have highly specific niches. They simply make your search for a sewing supply much easier. There’s also some sense of reliability when you know that a shop is focused on specific products. Susie D Designs is one of these few sewing shops. They are the leading provider of Europe’s best bag, pouches, and wallet patterns. These come in paper format and a detailed text and photo instruction, perfect for both beginners and veterans who want to try new sewing projects besides dresses and skirts. They currently do not have an online store for these patterns but you can easily contact them via email if you are interested to buy one.

Empee Silk Fabrics

When it comes to quality fabric needs, always turn to Empee Silk. They have a reputation of being an online shop that provides authentic, quality silk. Out of all fabric types, silk is one of the most difficult to work with. It also happens to be one of the hardest to find, at least the genuine ones. Empee Silk sewing shop is certainly a heaven especially if you are looking into sewing precious projects like costumes and bridal dresses. You can check out their lovely silk collections from their London store.

Is there a sewing shop you’d like to add to this list? Let us know below.


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