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Top 3 Fashion Tips That Never Grow Old With Trends

Top 3 Timeless Fashion Tips

Another year is about to start, and the fashionistas in us are naturally already panicking about the next fashion trends to try to live up to. With 2017 on the way, we are certainly on the watch for any fashion staple to have for the upcoming year. Similarly, out of this habit of looking out for fashion trends year after year, there are already some fashion tips that we have noted to be applicable every year regardless of the season. You see, for people who love to sew, it's easy to get lost in ...

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Know when to wear an Oversized or Fitted Blazer

Choosing Between A Fitted and Oversized Blazer

There is no better apparel piece that can easily spell power dressing than a good blazer. It can be worn on top of any outfit and you will instantly look extra made up. Across fashion websites and magazines see so many women strutting different fits of blazer. Regardless, in always looks good on them. There are currently two major types of blazer fit that we are eyeing, one is the boyfriend blazer with looser and longer fit, and the other one is the fitted type with tailored curves to complimen...

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Tricks On How To Sew High Quality Clothes From Home

Quality Sewing: What Makes Other Clothes More Durable Than The Rest

There are certain brands that we like to patronize mainly because of the comfort level of the clothes that they are selling. Aside from comfort, we also naturally look for brands that offer durable apparel, those that do not easily fall apart in the seams, among other parts. Now, from a sewing perspective, this also poses a challenge: how can we create pieces that are both comfortable and durable? Are these limited to big brands, only? These answer is of course, no. Handmade and homemade clothes...

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Sewing DIY Fashion Upgrade for Every Closet

Sewing for Fashion: Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Closet

If there’s one thing I learned from following fashion trends for more than a decade now, it is to not jump on any trend all the time. I understand how many of us still tend to spend for fashion, sometimes even way too much. This is especially true if you are like me who follows a couple of fashion bloggers. They just make everything look better, that you would want to have exactly what they are wearing, as well. After so many seasons and trends, you end up with a closet full of clothes you no ...

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New Sewing Ideas from Simplicity Patterns

Try These Simplicity Patterns To Expand Your Sewing Portfolio

Perhaps, you’ve been sewing for a couple of months already and have mastered all the basic sewing projects available. You’ve also embarked on some challenging crafts like knitting, upholstery, among others. Wherever you are in your sewing journey, it always pays to explore new ways to grow in your craft. One of the ways to do that is to explore new patterns to embark on. Simplicity patterns are among the friendliest providers of detailed and elegant sewing patterns of today. Although the bra...

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Choose from different sewing patterns around the world

Here Are The Most Popular Sewing Patterns You Must Have

With hundreds of patterns available online and offline these days, just how do you know which ones to give a try? This is a common struggle among first time sewing hobbyists. Oftentimes, the most experienced sewers and hobbyists talk about their patterns like they just easily bumped into it readily. Not much has been said about the process of selecting a pattern that actually work for them. This is a crucial consideration when it comes to selecting sewing patterns: learning what works for you...

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Easy Breezy Dress Patterns - Created With A Twist

Sew Dresses For Daily Use

Dresses are probably my weakness. So, I naturally constantly stalk my favorite sewers make the dress of my dream. And today, I found another one that I badly wish to replicate in the future when I have more time: This dress is by Carolyn Smith. I am firstly smitten by the color block in this dress, because you can never go wrong with a color block. Second, this hand-sewn dress looks easy-breezy, perfect for the summer days and for daily errands. As if that’s not enough, the pattern of the dr...

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How To Sew Knit Fabrics Effectively In Three Easy Steps

How To Sew Knit Fabrics Effectively In Three Easy Steps

  • April 04, 2016
  • Dresses, Sewing Tips, Sewing Fabrics

Sewing knits are among the many fabrics that you can sew. Heck it can easily be one of your favorites! Knit fabrics are not innately hard to sew with: there are some troublesome sew fabrics, much the same as there are some troublesome woven fabrics. If you take 3 simple steps (choosing needle, thread, and stitch type) when you start sewing a knit fabric project, you can proceed confidently every time. I promise. And you don't even need a serger. Select a Ballpoint Needle Weave fabrics require a...

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The Basic Step on How to Sew a Dress from Scratch

The Basic Way and Step on How to Sew a Dress from Scratch

Do you like wearing natural fibers? Does the garment need to breathe, or is a man-made fabric okay? Personally, I'm a natural fibers kind of girl. I've learned that if my fabric doesn't breathe when the heat turns up, I get uncomfortable. So this is something to figure out for yourself as well. Look at your favorite dress and see what it's made from. Get clues from what you already own and wear! With these three key stages in making a dress from scratch, you'll be well on your way to sewing read...

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Create your own maxi dress with these simple steps

Today's Sewing Project: Maxi Dress

Making a Maxi Dress can be simple, the first thing to do is of course, prepare the cloth. A 72 inches knit cloth which is 60 inches wide would do. First, lay the fabric in a flat surface, and fold the selvedgeedges so that it will meet in the center then place the pattern in one fold. Cut around the neckline, sleeve and shoulder of the pattern. Widened it out under the armpit until you have the desired maxi dress length. Then cut identical pieces for both sides. After that, proceed to sewing. Fi...

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