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Sewing Idea no. 11 - The Versatile Skater Skirt

Sewing Idea: The Skater Skirt

Fashion trends truly have their way of coming back, don't they? One of the things that I am recently obsessing on lately are skater skirts. They look really preppy now, but I also remember the time when I'd used to hate my mom for making me wear such uncool skirt. Well, what's uncool back then can be the most sought after trend now, and skater skirt's definitely one of them. Since I am into sewing of late, I decided to start creating skater skirts of different prints for my own collection. I ...

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How to apply minimalistic approach to your sewing?

Sewing My Favorite Minimal Dresses

When it comes to fashion, my two favorite things are: plains and dresses with sleeves. Before I was introduced to my sewing hobby, finding a beautiful combination of the two was a constantly struggle. Well, okay, sometimes I fall some pretty prints especially florals and polka dots, because who could resist these, right? However, most days, I can be really found with extremely solid outfits. Fast forward to my sewing days, I initially started off by reading lots of blog inspirations specifica...

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Change the look of your closet with some simple sewing

Sewing Stripes Skirts and Dresses

I’ve been contemplating on having a closet makeover lately. You know try to add more patterns and colours to it. My typical closet is basically a duo of neutrals and stripes. It happens to every girl sometimes, always going for her favorite pattern, then later realizing that she already has that exact pattern back home. So as part of my makeover plan, I’m thinking of adding more bright colours to my outfit. As for the stripe items? I can’t give them up completely. So I turned to some of...

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