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Review on the Top Silai Machines in the Market

Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

This post is certainly long overdue. Over the course of sewing and blogging about it, I’ve been ask countless of times about my top choices of sewing machine brands. It’s not like I have used more than five brands in my entire stint in sewing, really. But, in the same way, anyone who has gotten engrossed to sewing will always fancy something new, including a new silai machine to play around with. Personally, there are only top three factors that I look for in a sewing machine to consider it ...

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Four Awesome Sewing Ideas This Holiday Season

4 Awesome Sewing Ideas This Coming Holiday Season

  • September 23, 2016
  • Sewing Tips, Sewing Tutorials

For those people who have strong admiration towards sewing, the holiday season is actually a perfect opportunity to make stuff for the ones you love. You can create a sweater or bag and simply wrap it as Christmas presents. Isn’t that a cool thing to do? Besides, you don’t really have to spend that much. Well, if you’re excited to start a new project, here are a few ideas to help you create handmade holidays for your family without getting overwhelmed in the process. Good luck! Look For Wo...

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Vintage Dresses Are Just A Sew Away With These Steps

Get Started on Sewing Vintage Dresses

  • September 20, 2016
  • Sewing Tips, Sewing Tutorials

We’ve seen a lot of them from boutique shops and at some point fashion runways, and somehow those dainty vintage dresses got us wondering if it’s actually possible to sew a similar design ourselves. The first time I crushed on a vintage dress from a local shop here, I immediately took out my Vogue sewing pattern to give it a try. Apparently, sewing vintage designs are not as easy as I thought. They are all about precision, and some of the terms can also be so vintage, making it a challenge t...

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Joining A Sewing Club And The Benefits You Get

Why Join Sewing Clubs

Today, I read a blog about one of the founders of a sewing blog from our town. I didn't realize clubs like this still existed, especially with the advent of blogs and other online communities. It was a truly refreshing take especially coming from a hobbyist like me. There are few things that I realized from her own experience with joining a sewing club, and from my own secluded world of sewing. One which is the importance of real human connection. Based on their experiences, there are actually c...

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Every Sewing Hobbyists Sewing Pattern Must-Haves

Here are some of today's hottest sewing patterns that you can choose from

When it comes to choosing your next sewing project, much of that decision will rely on the sewing patterns that you have. As a beginner, it may be quite a challenge to choose among the brands of sewing patterns out there. While it will always depend on your personal references, it would certainly help to know which of the patterns will work best for you: Vogue When searching for a sewing pattern online, the first brand that you will encounter is Vogue. This is for the obvious reason that they a...

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Considerations To Have When Choosing A Sewing Pattern

Choosing from the world's top sewing patterns

With hundreds of patterns available online and offline these days, just how do you know which ones to give a try? This is a common struggle among first time sewing hobbyists. Oftentimes, the most experienced sewers and hobbyists talk about their patterns like they just easily bumped into it readily. Not much has been said about the process of selecting a pattern that actually work for them. This is a crucial consideration when it comes to selecting sewing patterns: learning what works for you. ...

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A Look at How Much A Sewing Hobby Will Cost You

Look: Here's A Breakdown of a Sewing Hobby

When you are already months into sewing, that's when it hits you: "this is in no way a cheap hobby!" I bet I am not alone in initially thinking that by pursuing sewing, I will be able to save on clothing cost, but eventually realized that this is not exactly the case. Once you get hooked, you end up buying more than what you need (because that’s what hobbies are for, in the first place). Also, another inevitable development along the way is starting to explore other sewing projects aside from ...

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A new post all about the fashionably sexy denim stretch

Fashion Trend: Stretch Denim Is Our New Favorite Jeans

  • September 13, 2016
  • Sewing Tips, Sewing Fabrics

It happens to the best of us. Amidst the many items in our closet, we tend to pick one that we like using as frequently as possible. With today’s latest trend, it’s safe to say that stretch denim jeans are among the ladies’ favorite to wear. It is stylish and timely, given the dropping temperature in most parts of the globe, now. I could think of so many reasons why stretch denims are my personal favorite, but I will try to break them down into three major reasons. Sexy as leggings, but...

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How to Prioritize and Organize Sewing Projects

Organizing your Sewing Projects for the Year

When you are a sewing blogger and a sewing enthusiast at the same time, things can certainly go out of hand, easily. Blogging itself can take a lot of our time and creativity, and so does sewing. With this, a common scenario that happens when things get too overwhelming is a huge pile of backlog of both sewing projects and sewing posts. These two are basically highly interrelated. One backlog on a sewing project also means a backlog on the sewing posts, as well. Unfortunately, unlike other blog ...

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Correcting Misconceptions About Sewing Baby Stuff

Considerations To Have When Sewing For Babies

When it comes to creating a long list of sewing projects, it would definitely seem like we can sew almost anything, except for baby stuff. This reluctance basically comes from the fear of actually not producing a safe enough output that would suit the baby’s sensitive skin. I personally shun from sewing anything for my nieces until they turned around two to three years old. The main challenge in sewing for babies is actually picking the right fabric that will be soft and safe enough for the li...

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