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Knitting Blogs for Beginners

A helpful knitting blog is hard to find. It is a close to impossible task for anyone who is just starting out. Beginners would find themselves dumbfounded by some of the blogs out there because either they’re too cluttered while a few teach advanced stuff that won’t serve knitters at this stage. You, as a beginner, will consume most of your day scouring the web for the patterns you don’t understand, yarns you don’t really know, and books not written for beginners. I’m here to make thin...

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Why a portable sewing machine is worth your penny

Is A Portable Sewing Machine Worth Your Penny?

If you are sewing newbie like me, seeing cute sewing machines online can definitely be tempting. However, you may find yourself thinking whether these portable sewing machines can really live up to your sewing hobby.Well, I am happy to tell you that my sewing journey started with my very own portable sewing that I got for around $22 online. Today, a multi-functional mini sewing machine is between $25 - $30. Yes, its definitely worth that small investment! I must admit that those real, complex se...

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Sew Your Own Tote Bags Business Marketing Strategy

Sew Your Own Tote Bags: A Great Marketing Strategy for Your Business

One way to measure your brand’s value and impact is through the number of impressions it generates. Yes, that’s the number of times your logo catches a pair of eyeballs. And one way to do just that is by creating tote bags with your brand’s logo on it – that’s one great marketing strategy! Whether you agree or not, a tote bag is the most productive imprinted product available. Study shows that a single tote bag can be exposed to 7224 people (that’s quite a lot, right?). Approxima...

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Easy  sewing patterns for kids' halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Patterns for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, we are certain many of you are now rushing to the internet looking for new costume ideas for your kids. This "trick or treat" season is actually another opportunity for you to bring out your sewing prowess to create a homemade Halloween costume for your little ones. Sewing Halloween costumes is not only a practical approach to the annual event, it also gives you more room to personalize your kid's attire making it more meaningful. So, start wearing your sea...

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Save Money Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

Save Money and Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

For as many people there are in this world, there are just as many countless reasons why you should start recycling shopping bags. From article after article, blog after blog, we all know the importance it does to the environment. Other than the fact that you can make your own tote bag and use it for shopping, you are surely contributing a part in making planet Earth a better place. But before we delve into the heart of the matter, let’s see what the current trend really is. (Picture from www....

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Get Started With Sewing Hand Sewing Machine Sewing Kits

How to Get Started With Sewing: Introducing the Hand Sewing and Machine Sewing Kits

Have you experienced preparing a recipe for a family celebration, but only to find out that you lack the necessary ingredients needed? Of course, it doesn’t come out quite what you expected. Same with cooking, having the right tools is just one of the essential keys to successful sewing - let alone completing a particular project. If you are to start completely from scratch, without a bit of information, your first shopping venture should at least come out like this: Enter a sewing section of...

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Basic Hand Sewing Techniques You Need to Learn Now

Basic Hand Sewing Techniques You Need to Learn Now

Whether you’ve done it or not, most people have sewn garments by hand sewing all of the stitches. And despite having a sewing machine, there are just times that basic hand sewing is going to provide you the best results. You can learn more about hand sewn stitches as well as how to sew them. That way, you will know right away what stitch works best and where to use these various hand sewing stitches. How to Thread a Hand Sewing Needle (Picture from www.lilypadarduino.com) Threading a needle ...

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Polyester: Taking Care of It and Its Characteristics

What is Polyester; How to Take Care of It; and What its Characteristics Are

Polyester is often defined as long-chain polymers that are chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid. In simpler words, it means the linking of numerous esters within the fibers. Basically, the reaction of alcohol with carboxylic acid leads to the formation of esters. Moreover, this kind of fabric may refer to several polymers, all of which the backbones are created by esterification condensation of both polyfunctional alcohols and a...

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The Fabric That Symbolizes Luxury – Silk, That Is

The FabricThat Symbolizes Luxury – Silk, That Is

Everyone seems to know and love silk, admire its drape, luster and soothing feeling. And like any other fibers, silk comes in a wide variety of qualities. It usually comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm that feed particularly on mulberry leaves. What is Silk Fiber? Bombyx mori silk worms feed on mulberry leaves and produce the so-called “cultivated” silk, and the same worms feed on something other than mulberry leaves are generally referred to as “tussah;” however, the col...

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What is the Difference Between Chambray and Denim

The Difference Between Chambray and Denim

Usually, chambray and denim are two fabrics that most people are confused of, when, in reality, they not exactly the same. Chambray is a plain weave fabric that is woven using a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Although denim is also made with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft, it is woven, however, in a twill construction. The warp and weft threads of this fabric alternate one over the other, which is unlike denim’s warp thread goes over two threads...

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