Everything that involves sewing and sewing tips.

New Sewing Ideas from Simplicity Patterns

Try These Simplicity Patterns To Expand Your Sewing Portfolio

Perhaps, you’ve been sewing for a couple of months already and have mastered all the basic sewing projects available. You’ve also embarked on some challenging crafts like knitting, upholstery, among others. Wherever you are in your sewing journey, it always pays to explore new ways to grow in your craft. One of the ways to do that is to explore new patterns to embark on. Simplicity patterns are among the friendliest providers of detailed and elegant sewing patterns of today. Although the bra...

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A List of the Best Sewing Shops In New York Today

Best Sewing Shops In Europe To Check Out

One of the most fun parts when starting or pursuing a sewing hobby is hopping from one sewing shop to another. The colorful supplies from these shops are definitely drool-worthy. After a good amount of window shopping, the tougher part comes in – choosing the best sewing shop for you. To be honest, the process of choosing the sewing shop that will truly work for you is a matter of trial and error experience. After all, how do you really know which one is the best for you if you still have...

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How To Teach Your Kids Sewing For The First Time

Tips and Hints on Teaching Kids How to Sew The First Time

Over the course of my short vacation, I’ve visited a Montessori school of one of nieces where they were actually teaching their Grade 1 students how to sew. That was one of the quietest rooms I’ve witnessed that’s full of kids! The kids there were probably around 6 to 7 years old, both girls and boys, all attentively minding their every stitch. This my major takeaway from the trip and started exploring ways to also teach the kids around our block basic stitching. I know for sure that kids ...

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Sew your own computer accessories on your own.

Easy Sewing Projects: Computer Desk Accessories

This may seem like an unlikely combo - computers and threads. However, any sewing blogger would definitely come up with creative ideas on how to have a cross over between the two hobbies, and a fun way to do that is to decorate our computer station. Interested? Here are some new easing sewing project ideas to get you started. 1. Fabric Mouse Pad - It's always fun to replace that boring mousepads with our own design, our own color selections. So, if you happen to be a fan of sewing, this is de...

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3 Simple Knitting Mistake Plus Their Easy Fixes

Simple Fixes for Knitting Slip-ups

Learning the techniques to help you get started on knitting is the first step in being good at this hobby. Beginners who have the basic skills will go through projects, from caps to scarves, pretty quickly. It’s not until they make a mistake that the knitting stops. A knitter who learned basic knitting techniques first has a good foundation but it’s entirely possible that they will commit their first mistake right away. Drop stitch, overstitching, and tight knitting are some of the common mi...

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Signs to look out for to avoid a sewing addiction.

Telling Sign You Are Addicted To Sewing

Many people, mostly women, love sewing. It is a hobby that people pick-up because it’s easy to do and very useful in your everyday life. It’s also very easy to have fun with it since you can learn many techniques to mix and match plus you get the added benefit of creating your own clothing designs. The sewing hobby is fine and you might want to continue it since it does have a lot of benefits. But, there are instances when people show really odd behavior that are tell-tale signs that they ar...

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Safety Tips and Guidelines for Sewing At Home

Safety Guidelines For Sewing

Sewing is generally a safe hobby. Anyone, regardless of age can definitely pursue this hobby conveniently. But this does not mean that sewing is totally risk-free, especially since we're dealing here with needles and electric sewing machine. So, it would not really harm if we take some precautions as we go on with the sewing hobby. It's often from familiarity that most sewing mishaps actually happen. One of the most basic tips for a safe sewing is to be mindful not to put the finger too close ...

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Sewing Alterations and What Benefits You Get From It?

Advantages of Sewing Alterations

There are a lot of people who visit thrift shops hoping to find a gem amidst the pile of items on display. However, most leave disappointed not because they didn’t find any great designs but because they saw potential snazzy outfits that just don’t fit them right. This regret is common for most people even those who shop at their favourite brands. There are just some clothes that don’t fit you well. And if you’re a fan of trends and fashion you get disappointed because you can’t get th...

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Basic information useful to every sewing newbie

Of Patterns and Threads - Musings of a Sewing Newbie

I am currently new to sewing. And even newer to pattern making. I basically started about two months ago, with no fixed schedule. Sometimes I try to sew one a week, most of the time I’m just really hoarding patterns to save for ’&later’. I have a bunch of untouched patterns today. While browsing some sewing inspirations, I realized that the really experienced ones do not just buy or order patterns blindly. Some of them even have only two to three patterns on their stash, yet they keep on...

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Teaching Kids the Value of Cross Stitch Hobby

Cross Stitch for Kids

There's this popular irony circulating where the adults are getting more hooked to coloring books, while the kids are glued to their gadgets. This irony, though quite cute and funny, is also alarming, especially for the younger generation. Gone are the days when the recreation activities of the youngters either involved actual human interaction, or a solitary hobby that boosts creativity. This is why I would like my nieces to start loving cross stitch, as well. My love for sewing first started...

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