Know when to wear an Oversized or Fitted Blazer
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  • Posted September 22, 2016
Know when to wear an Oversized or Fitted Blazer

Choosing Between A Fitted and Oversized Blazer

Choosing Between A Fitted and Oversized Blazer

There is no better apparel piece that can easily spell power dressing than a good blazer. It can be worn on top of any outfit and you will instantly look extra made up. Across fashion websites and magazines see so many women strutting different fits of blazer. Regardless, in always looks good on them. There are currently two major types of blazer fit that we are eyeing, one is the boyfriend blazer with looser and longer fit, and the other one is the fitted type with tailored curves to compliment the body shape. Confused which of these fit suit you? Take a look at these considerations:

1) General fashion style

Is your fashion sense leaning more on the street style? Or are you more likely to go for a classy girl look? This is one of the leading considerations to have in choosing your staple blazer. Ideally, oversized blazers work well for street or casual style. If you find yourself wearing dresses and tailored outfits more often, it is safe to go for a fitted blazer, as well.

2) Body shape/type

While we fully encourage exploring all sorts of outfits for your body time, it is advisable to refrain from wearing oversized blazer if you are more of a stouter type. It will not be too flattering, as it can bring down your height further. You can however make this work by altering your blazer to be not longer than hip length. Fitted blazers are more versatile for any body size, as long as you pick the right length.

3) Occasion

It is highly recommended to have a staple oversized blazer to count on almost any occasion. It certainly works well on a street look, but it is also undoubtedly easy to style for a date night get up, or business meetings. Fitted blazer may look to stiff or corporate to wear for a typical night out. A reliable black blazer should be one or every girl's outfit staple. You can count on this type of cover up to give you the needed outfit boost.


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