DIY Ideas: Ugly Christmas Sweaters
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  • Posted December 07, 2015
DIY Ideas: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Creating Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Creating Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For some odd reasons, a lot of people want to bring back the good-old Christmas sweaters, again. Like most fashion trends, Christmas sweaters or now called as 'ugly sweaters' are definitely making a come back. While it's cool to jump in this trend this year, you also do not want to spend too much money on buying a sweater that you know you won't be using for another month or so.

This is where today's sewing idea will really come in handy. To save on cost and to add more meaning to your ugly sweater this year, take the time to create your very own DIY Christmas sweater. Whether you will be using the sweater yourself, or planning to give it as a gift the inspirations are limitless!

Apparently, the first step is to take out an old, plain sweater that you have probably not been using for years. Does it have to be red or green? We think not! There are other ways to create a Christmas theme even with the absence of these two colors. Here are some of them:

1) Christmas patches - instead of spending all your money on buying a new sweater, why not drop by a crafts store for some cute and funny Christmas patches that you can accentuate your old sweaters? This definitely is a lot cheaper and it gives you a lot of creative freedom to design your ugly sweater.

2) Sequins patterns - stand out with a shimmering Christmas pattner by sewing your own pattern made from no less than the timeless sequins. Nothing shows Christmas better than a beautifully done patterns of Christmas trees, Christmas hats, and even Santa that shimmers.

3) Knitted designs - this is a breeze for those who are a huge fan of knitting. Achieve similar look for from top clothing brands' ugly sweater collections by knitting your Christmas design away.

Other people also go as far as putting hilarious props on their sweater. The important thing to keep in mind is, regardless of the design, you should still feel comfortable in your sweater so you can move around the party easily.


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