Different Types Of Denim Fabric We All Love To Wear
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  • Posted January 28, 2016
Different Types Of Denim Fabric We All Love To Wear

Different Types Of Denim Fabric We All Love To Wear

Different Types Of Denim Fabric We All Love To Wear

Twenty years back, denim is simply known as the jeans fabric that is stiff and hard to break in. However, through the fashion years, we've seen so many kinds of denim steal the limelight, and since then, we can't just get enough of them. They are comfortable, fabulous, and timeless. When it comes to sewing our own denim apparel, it can be quite challenging to determine which type of denim is for what outfit. Know the best denim fabric to use with this list of the denim fabrics that are currently hot in the market and the best outfits for them. 1) Dry Denim - this is the conventional denim that we know of. The denim fabric is now instantly washed from dying from the production phase. So these denims are naturally deep blue from the first few uses, but does not mean that they will not fade over time. No worries though, because dry denim will also make for a good worn-in look once they start to fade. 2) Stretch Denim - a new favorite in the denim category, this fabric is actualylly derived from 98% cotton, with 2% spandex, which provides the stretch. This is why this type is so easy to move around in, while also providing sufficient thigh and hip support that a typical denim fabric has. 3) Ramie Cotton Denim - The ramie plant fiber that is added to the denim makes it less prone to wrinkling. Plus the composition of the fabric also creates a luster look, which makes for perfect casual denim dress, tops, and overalls.

What's your choice of denim?


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