DIY Sewing Tips How To Sew Your Own Make Up Bag
DIY Sewing Tips How To Sew Your Own Make Up Bag

DIY Sewing Tips: How to Sew Your Own Makeup Bag

DIY Sewing Tips: How to Sew Your Own Makeup Bag

There’s nothing in this world that is both fun and exciting but sewing your own makeup bag. And while there might be a whole lot of patterns out there, this is a project that will surely make your feet wet. Don’t be intimidated to do something big. Besides, sewing a makeup bag is a nice stepping stone. You can then work your way to more advanced projects.

What You’ll Be Needing

For this project to materialize, fancy tools and hardware (even out-of-this-world notions) are not needed. All you need is a little bit of lining and outer fabric, interfacing and zipper. You’ll be surprised to make a very wonderful gift, perfect for the holidays coming up!

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1:

First and foremost, you have to create the pattern – just remember that the bag can be of any size you like. Determine the width and height, and then add an allowance for the bottom. Draw squares in the side, which will be the bottom of your bag. Your squares can start with 2” x 2”. Just bear in mind that these squares will form the boxed bottom, while the part between will be the bag’s bottom.

Pattern and tools needed in sewing DIY make up bag.(Picture from

Step 2:

Go get your scissors and cut out each corner’s squares. By now, you should have your own finished pattern piece. Congratulations!

Step 3:

Using the outer fabric, lay in the pattern and pin in place. Your best move is to use a linen canvas and/or medium weight cotton for the outer; whereas for the lining, use a quilt weight. Cut the fabric out and remove the pattern – do the same with both lining and interfacing.

You now have outer fabric, lining and interfacing, with two pieces each.

Step 4:

Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric (be sure to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to identify which side), while the zipper is placed on top of the lining. Use the cut upper edge of the fabric to line up the size of the zipper tape. You may use a zipper that is quite long, so the pull out is out of the normal way of the sewing area.

Fusing the sides of fabric, a step in sewing DIY make up bag.(Picture from YouTube/Screenshot)

Step 5:

Place a layer above the lining and pin in place along the zipper. You should notice the outer and lining fabric to be perfectly in line and that both should be flushed with the zipper tape.

Step 6:

Sew the outer fabric and lining to the zipper. If you want your zipper tape’s beauty to exposed, sew with a bit small seam allowance. Nevertheless, you can sew as close as you prefer to the zipper teeth, but it should depend on how much of the tape you prefer to see in the end.

Step 7:

Both layers will be pressed away from the zipper, but be very careful with the area around the seam as you will be topstitching there next.

Step 8:

Topstitch along the zipper seam all the way through the outer layer, lining and zipper tape. You can sew at ¼”, but you can do so at any length you prefer.

Step 9:

Place the other lining piece down on the table. You should lay the zipper atop of the lining with the right side up. The lining layers should be together beneath the outer layer.

A zipper being attached to a DIY sewing made make up bag.(Picture from

Step 10:

Lay the remaining outer piece above the other outer piece – right sides together. Line up the top edge of the lining at the bottom pile with the zipper tape and outer fabric. Remember to pin the layers in place.

Step 11:

Same as you did on the first side, sew along the zipper at your chosen seam allowance. And for consistency, keep the measurement amounts similar, so you can see exact amount of zipper tape on the right side of the bag when finished.

Step 14:

Press the lining and outer away from the zipper, similar on the other side. Again, be very careful so as to not press the topstitch area very flat. This will serve as preparation for sewing.

Step 15:

Topstitch the second side the same with you did on the first side. The same seam allowance should be maintained as the first side.

Step 16:

Lay the piece down but with the outer side up. Open the zipper about halfway, so you can reach through later in turning the bag right side out.

Step 17:

Open up the layers and fold them. This will make the right sides of the lining pieces together. Repeat the same process until the right sides of the outer fabric are together. Pin in place on the sides as well as the bottom.

Step 18:

Sew along the two sides and the bottom of the bag on the outer fabric side. On the lining bottom, only stitch a bit on each side, so that at least 3-4″ is left open for you to use to pull the bag right side out later. You can choose a 1/4″ seam allowance, but you can always use whatever you like based on how much you added when drawing the pattern size.

Step 19:

Your piece should have sides and outer bottom sewn. The squares and the middle of the bottom are left unsewn.

Step 20:

Fold the corners to make the raw edges line up together. Form a straight line, and then pin in place. At the seams, fold one layer to one side while the other side’s seam allowance is to the opposite part so as to reduce bulk.

Step 21:

Sew the four corners similar to the seam allowance you did for the rest of the bag. Reach your hand into the bottom of the lining and through the opening on the zipper. Turn the bag right side out through these holes.

Step 22:

Fold the seam allowance in at the bottom of lining and pin in place. Sew the opening closed at the bottom of the lining. Fold the lining into the bag. Lo and behold, you are finished. You have just made your own makeup bag. Well done!


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