Summer Dresses to Try With Butterick Patterns
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  • Posted July 08, 2016
Summer Dresses to Try With Butterick Patterns

Easy Dresses From Butterick Patterns

Easy Dresses From Butterick Patterns

I'm not sure when my obsession for dresses started exactly, but as far as I can remember, ever since junior high, I have unconsciously filled my closet with dresses. This is also how I consequently learned to sew my own dresses, simply for practical reasons. Sewing your own dress is definitely a lot cheaper, plus you get to be assured of the fit and comfort. When I was a student, I had so much time to try out new dress designs with the help of various sewing patterns. But, as I grew older, and my job started to consume most of my time, I had to find a middle ground between continuing with my sewing, while also attending to life's other demands.

And that's what leads us to today's blog post about easy to sew dresses that you can wear everyday, this time using some of my favorite Butterick patterns.

If you are like me who wears dresses most days of the week, then there's no doubt that learning to sew your own outfit is really the more practical wardrobe approach. We all have that favorite dress pattern to sew, but we can't wear that same pattern everyday right? I'm a sucker for flowy dresses from Butterick patterns, but since I started sewing, I've learned to love other cuts, as well.

A dress variation from the Butterick pattern I used.

One of my recent discoveries is the body-hugging maxi dress. You can't underestimate the versatility of a good maxi dress. Since I'm not that confident with my curves ( at least not yet), I went for dark-colored cotton fabric for this two project. To make things easier, I went for sleeveless maxi dresses ( you can go for tube, garterized sleeve if you want). All you have to do is get your exact body measurement, but put some allowance on the waist area to make you breath easier in your dress. The cotton fabric does the body fit really well so you can be assured of a flattering dress. You can even add flirty slits to your maxis!

I am also a huge fan of high-waisted dresses. You know those cuts that look quite like doll dresses? I've recently found a hack to making them faster from Instructables Apparently, you can make use of a tank top for the upper portion of the dress, which means that all you have to sew is the skirt/bottom part. You can buy a new tank top or recycle the ones you have not been using. Once you got that covered, all you have to do is work on the bottom part. Wrap it round your waist, to determine your preferred radius of the bottom part. Since we want to achieve some ruffles, you fold it once again, all outside edges no longer visible at this point. You can sew this in a simple straight line, but make sure you are using the biggest stitches. Finally, you can attach the tank top to the skirt.

Exploring new dresses is fun, especially if you get to make them yourself. Most of the dresses I've sewn have no patterns at all. Because, yes, it's that simple. :)


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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