5 Things to Note before Starting Your Next Project
5 Things to Note before Starting Your Next Project

Getting Started with Sewing: 5 Things to Note before Starting Your Next Project

Getting Started with Sewing: 5 Things to Note before Starting Your Next Project

There are times that you’d wish you can go back in time. You’d probably tell yourself a thing or two. Not about anything major, but more of telling yourself about the mistakes you did. And it would sure be nice to give a bit of few pointers about sewing.

What you’d most likely tell wouldn’t be about technicalities. Not lessons about zippers and/or seam finishes. It’s just some simple advice no one has ever told you. Nowadays, most people are self-taughtthat they often don’t know what’s missing. And what’s missing is not necessarily about techniques, butthe approach as well as the mindset that will surely help.

Here are 5 things you would want to know right before sewing:

Always Start With the Right Equipment

Everyone is an advocate of quality, especially in the field of sewing. It inspires you to make things better and easier. If you decide to start/like sewing and want to stick with it, grab a machine that you can grow with. It doesn’t have to be quite fancy and expensive, but it should have the features you desire. Above all, pick the one that lasts

You Can Start Simple

Chances are you got interested with sewing because you want to make something really cool. When you are in the right mindset and eager to make lovely stuff, it’s quite hard to hear that you should make something simple like pajama pants or skirt first. Basically, starting with the basics gives you the confidence to just keep moving. It also gives you the chance to make simple things you’ll get used to. Curtains, bags, pillows are good examples for you.

Sewing Tool - Tape Measure(Picture from www.ying-tze.blogspot.com)

One Skill at a Time

This is most probably one of the basic lessons you should’ve learn before sewing. The idea is to make a systematic approach. With each new project, learn to add new skill but in a gradual phase. You don’t have to be in a hurry – slow is fast! This kind of approach helps you to focus on building skills intentionally without diving into deep end.

Try to be a Fabric Snob

Although this may contradict the “start simple” advice, it’s actually important to learn about what makes fabric and why. The more you learn about the fabric realm, the more your creativity increases. As a result, it will be easier for you to create the clothes you always dream about. Besides, it gives you the chance to explore your personal and aesthetic preferences.

Sewing Fabric(Picture from www.ying-tze.blogspot.com)

Be a Master in Finishing Seams

Have you experienced being bugged by raw edges inside those handmade garments you were sewing? Well, that’s because you have no concrete idea to what you were supposed to do about them. The secret is to apply finishing seams – it’s that easy. The more you master this, the more your confidence and enjoyments are multiplied. You can never go wrong with mastering at least one skill in sewing – that is finishing seams.


Alvin is a fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing his own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives him another avenue to express his experiences and learning in his sewing journey.

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