Some Helpful Sewing Tips and Techniques You Need
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  • Posted February 05, 2016
Some Helpful Sewing Tips and Techniques You Need

Helpful Sewing Tips and Techniques

Helpful Sewing Tips and Techniques

Sewing is a really fun thing to do. Not only that, you can also save your money when you have the skills because you can sew things by yourself instead of hiring someone to sew for you. But in the process of sewing, there are times that you might get irritated by those things that look like simple to do yet you cannot easily accomplish.

So here are some tips and techniques that you might find helpful.

How To Tie a Knot

 Tie a Knot

Usually, we make knots in thread by doubling the end of the thread in a loop and then tying it in a knot. The result is cumbersome and not that very elegant. But don't worry, here's another way to do that.

  • Loop the end of the thread around your finger 1 or 2 times (lick your finger first if you want).
  • Gently push the looped thread off your finger using the pad of your thumb.
  • Pull the looped section off your finger and pull it into a knot at the end of the thread.

It will only take you 3 seconds to do that if you have master that already.

How To Thread a Needle Without Trimming The Thread

Thread a Needle Without Trimming The Thread

I know how frustrating it can be to thread a needle when you can't get a nice clean edge on your thread. So, here's a simple technique on how to do that.

Fold the thread in half over the needle, create a sharp point and use that to thread your needle. I’m not sure if it would work with a very tiny needle eye, but I’ve used this a few times on regular needles with good results.

Cutting Thread The Right Way

Cutting Thread

Using a pair of scissors, try cutting your thread on an angle. It will be easier for you to poke the thread into the needle's eye.

Wax Your Thread For Less Tangles

Wax Your Thread For Less Tangles

One of the most frustrating things about hand-sewing is dealing with thread tangles. However, waxing your thread basically eliminates that tangling, as it smooths down the fluff and essentially lubricates the twist of the thread, making it much easier to pull through your fabric. To use, simply pull the thread through the wax a few times to evenly coat, and then press on high heat in between paper towels or scrap fabric to soak the thread and melt the excess wax.

Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Choose the right needle. Fine needles designed for hand-sewing create a much smoother stitch.
  • Every time you go to make a stitch, give the needle a quarter turn to help prevent tangling.
  • Use a thimble to save the pad of your finger.
  • Use the right thread! Good quality thread will twist less and last longer. If you can afford it, silk thread is smooth and strong and glides through fabric.


Alvin is a fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing his own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives him another avenue to express his experiences and learning in his sewing journey.

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