How to Make a Pintuck Presser Foot from a Sewing Tool?
How to Make a Pintuck Presser Foot from a Sewing Tool?

How to Make a Pintuck Presser Foot from a Sewing Tool?

How to Make a Pintuck Presser Foot from a Sewing Tool?

The pintuck foot is available in different sizes, most commonly: 3, 5, 7 and 9 groove. These grooves are what make the magic to happen and the number of grooves will control the thickness of fabric allowed to pass underneath. A speciality presser foot is designed to allow your machine to create texture and dimension with one pass under the needle.

These grooves do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your pintucks straight and evenly spaced. This foot is all about precision and the results are beautiful! General rule of thumb: The lower the groove number, the thicker the fabric and inversely, higher grooved feet work best with sheer to lighter weight fabrics.

What is a Pintuck Presser Foot

Using a twin needle is mission critical with this foot, without it there would be no “tuck”. Let’s take a look at the pintuck presser foot in action.

Examples of items you might sew with a specialty foot include:

  • garments
  • bags
  • pillows

Where to use the pintuck presser foot

First is draw a line with a washable marker, or pull a thread to determine pintuck placement.

Second, make sure you line the center of the presser foot over the line and sew the first pintuck in place.

Third, shift the pintuck to the left under an off center groove and sew the length of the first pintuck. The first tuck will act as a guide, keeping your fabric straight and evenly spaced.

Finally, Repeat the process until you have stitched the desired amount of pintucks.

Hints for Pintuck Presser Foot

Let the foot do all the work guiding the fabric along the previous pintuck. Pintucks look their best when stitched out in odd numbers. Think 3, 5 and 7. Anything over 9 in a row and the eye can not clearly determine from odd or even. Pintucks can be stitched in straight lines or in gentle curves.


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