Knitting inspirations and tips from knit-bloggers.
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  • Posted October 29, 2015
Knitting inspirations and tips from knit-bloggers.

Knitting Blogs for Beginners

Knitting Blogs for Beginners

A helpful knitting blog is hard to find. It is a close to impossible task for anyone who is just starting out. Beginners would find themselves dumbfounded by some of the blogs out there because either they’re too cluttered while a few teach advanced stuff that won’t serve knitters at this stage.

You, as a beginner, will consume most of your day scouring the web for the patterns you don’t understand, yarns you don’t really know, and books not written for beginners. I’m here to make things easier for the knitting beginner. I did all the searching and found out knitting blogs that beginners can follow.

Most of the blogs I found already had a following with a deep understanding about knitting and the nuances that come with it. I narrowed the list down to the sites that I thought delivered content that can effectively teach beginners how to get good at knitting.

Susan B. Anderson is an experienced knitter by herself. But, what makes her standout as a knitting authority is her ability to teach. She holds regular knitting workshops in different cities across the United States. She even has a “Kids Knitting Workshop” where she teaches kids easy and effective ways in learning how to knit. Her ability to teach kids and adults alike would really help any beginner out there.

On her website, you can see a variety of pages where she posts her tutorials online for her readers to view. She also has her own podcast where interested audience members can listen and interact to Ms. Anderson herself. The blog has won the Best Instructor Blog for 2015 and the Favorite Knitting Blogger Award in 2012. If you’re a beginner you’d be glad that there’s a blog like this that caters to your needs.

The site sells simple and easy to follow knitting patterns that readers can buy right away. They host knitting workshops in different yarn shops in the US. And they have their patterns distributed in hundreds of knitting shops across the country as well.

Beginners would find their beginner posts very useful because they teach you step-by-step how to do it. They currently have 90 podcasts on iTunes that you can listen to and you can learn directly from the expert knitters behind the website

A beginner blog with the wonderful tutorials on knitting that anyone interested in knitting can find very useful. You clearly see the passion the blogger has for knitting. She has themes for certain days to keep her audience interested. And the patterns she sells online are easy enough to do and simple to make for even the knitting beginner.

Aside from the blogs featured above, you can find knitting advice and guides online if you look for knitting guilds, workshops, classes, and groups. It would be great if you can find an event in your local area for personal lessons from knitting experts. Hand-on experience is always great.


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