Knitting inspirations and tips from knit-bloggers.

Knitting Blogs for Beginners

A helpful knitting blog is hard to find. It is a close to impossible task for anyone who is just starting out. Beginners would find themselves dumbfounded by some of the blogs out there because either they’re too cluttered while a few teach advanced stuff that won’t serve knitters at this stage. You, as a beginner, will consume most of your day scouring the web for the patterns you don’t understand, yarns you don’t really know, and books not written for beginners. I’m here to make thin...

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How to Maximize The Luxurious Fabric Called Velvet

The Luxurious Fabric That is Velvet, and How You Can Maximize It

More often than not, when you’re in the mood to create something elegant, you’d usually think about fabrics other than quilting cottons. Well, pattern designers always love to work with cottons for a whole lot of reasons: the fabric is easy to sew with; it is printed in vivid, gorgeous designs; and the quilting industry is loves to sponsor designers with the said fabric especially if they are to feature them. (Picture from Nevertheless, when talking about the realm of fabr...

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Why a portable sewing machine is worth your penny

Is A Portable Sewing Machine Worth Your Penny?

If you are sewing newbie like me, seeing cute sewing machines online can definitely be tempting. However, you may find yourself thinking whether these portable sewing machines can really live up to your sewing hobby.Well, I am happy to tell you that my sewing journey started with my very own portable sewing that I got for around $22 online. Today, a multi-functional mini sewing machine is between $25 - $30. Yes, its definitely worth that small investment! I must admit that those real, complex se...

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The History of How Flannel Came to Popularity

The History of Flannel’s Popularity

The history of flannel dates back to the 17th century in the Scottish Highlands. During that time, farmers wore warm garments in order to protect themselves from harsh elements that defined the historic region. Fast forward today, the term flannel is used either with plaid or tartan despite the actual fabric being associated to various patterns. (Picture from Flannel has been popular since its humble beginnings. In fact, you can see it being used from shirts and skirts ...

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14 Interesting Facts That You Need To Know About Khaki

14 Interesting Facts About Your Favorite Khaki

Did you know that Khakis were a favorite of the late famous individuals that are Audrey Hepburn and John F. Kennedy? Or how about the fact that there’s an existing debate regarding the difference of khakis and chinos? Either you knew a thing or two; it is still not enough – especially if you’re a newbie in the sewing realm. To begin with, khakis were not even a component of clothing before. Instead, it was a color and then a dye that helps military troops blend into desert-like landsca...

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The History of the Sewing Fabric Called Cashmere

Sewing Fabric: The History of Cashmere

Cashmere fabric is shed down yearly from goats living in the dry highlands that stretch from northern China into Mongolia, surrounding the Gobi Desert. In order for these creatures to survive, they have coarse hair that repels the bad weather. Beneath that coat lies a much finer fiber, cashmere, which insulates these animals from the cold. (Picture from This fiber is the sleekest, softest and luxurious natural fiber the world has ever seen and it requires the highest standar...

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DIY Sewing Tips How To Sew Your Own Make Up Bag

DIY Sewing Tips: How to Sew Your Own Makeup Bag

There’s nothing in this world that is both fun and exciting but sewing your own makeup bag. And while there might be a whole lot of patterns out there, this is a project that will surely make your feet wet. Don’t be intimidated to do something big. Besides, sewing a makeup bag is a nice stepping stone. You can then work your way to more advanced projects. What You’ll Be Needing For this project to materialize, fancy tools and hardware (even out-of-this-world notions) are not needed. All yo...

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How Wool is Made Cloth and its Characteristics

How Wool is Made Into Cloth

There’s no doubt that have heard a lot about wool fabrics, or that they know it’s associated with sheep. However, only few of them actually know how clothes are made out of it. In fact, history states that the primitive men wore the first cloth made from wool. They found out that its durability can protect them from heat and cold. But, going back, how is wool being made into clothes? The First Process is Called Shearing (Picture from The process is usually done once a year, w...

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Definition and Characteristics of Chambray Fabric

What is a Chambray Fabric?

Chambray, although quite similar to denim, is a double-ply cotton fabric with a tight weave. It consists of white filler thread woven using a colored background thread. However, unlike denim, it has a plain weave, thus it is smoother and lighter in weight. Moreover, it is rugged but light, making it apt for work wear as well as summer-weight shirts and/or skirts. The Look and Feel More often than not, Chambray comes in blue yet can be found in various colors. The colored threads might appear pre...

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Sew Your Own Tote Bags Business Marketing Strategy

Sew Your Own Tote Bags: A Great Marketing Strategy for Your Business

One way to measure your brand’s value and impact is through the number of impressions it generates. Yes, that’s the number of times your logo catches a pair of eyeballs. And one way to do just that is by creating tote bags with your brand’s logo on it – that’s one great marketing strategy! Whether you agree or not, a tote bag is the most productive imprinted product available. Study shows that a single tote bag can be exposed to 7224 people (that’s quite a lot, right?). Approxima...

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