An Introduction to Organic Fabrics Used in Sewing

Organic Fabrics

There is an increasing focus on ecology, and with good reason. Unlike food, what we eat does not matter; but we all have the substance against our skin all day. There are more and more various forms of allergy developing. Once you are suffering from allergies, you won’t just consider organic fabrics. It’s more of applying as much as about preventing the development of allergies later on. It’s also of less importance if you sew clothes for your kids. Basically, children are susceptible to a...

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Easy  sewing patterns for kids' halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Patterns for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, we are certain many of you are now rushing to the internet looking for new costume ideas for your kids. This "trick or treat" season is actually another opportunity for you to bring out your sewing prowess to create a homemade Halloween costume for your little ones. Sewing Halloween costumes is not only a practical approach to the annual event, it also gives you more room to personalize your kid's attire making it more meaningful. So, start wearing your sea...

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A Video Tuturial On How To Make a Simple DIY Tote Bag

How To Make a Simple DIY Tote Bag

Are you ready to make your very first tote bag? Or are you having second thoughts because you just don't know where to start. Well, fret not! Making one is really easy, and you don't even have to be an expert. All you need is a guide, so as to get you going. Check the video below, as it's a tutorial on how to make a nice DIYT tote bag. ...

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Save Money Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

Save Money and Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

For as many people there are in this world, there are just as many countless reasons why you should start recycling shopping bags. From article after article, blog after blog, we all know the importance it does to the environment. Other than the fact that you can make your own tote bag and use it for shopping, you are surely contributing a part in making planet Earth a better place. But before we delve into the heart of the matter, let’s see what the current trend really is. (Picture from www....

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Do-It-Your-Own Tote Bag Tutorial For Beginners

DIY Tote Bag Tutorial For Beginners

When it comes to sewing, there's a lot of stuff that you can do. There's making your a jacket or a dress, or stitching up your own jeans. And out of these many awesome things that you can do, one is a tote bag. You can use it for shopping or grocery, or just a simple addition to your daily fashion. Below is a DIY Tote Bag Video tutorial from YouTuber "Loepsie." Check it out now! ...

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Get Started With Sewing Hand Sewing Machine Sewing Kits

How to Get Started With Sewing: Introducing the Hand Sewing and Machine Sewing Kits

Have you experienced preparing a recipe for a family celebration, but only to find out that you lack the necessary ingredients needed? Of course, it doesn’t come out quite what you expected. Same with cooking, having the right tools is just one of the essential keys to successful sewing - let alone completing a particular project. If you are to start completely from scratch, without a bit of information, your first shopping venture should at least come out like this: Enter a sewing section of...

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The History, Creation and How Brocade Fabrics Are Used

Brocade: History, Creation and Usage

Brocade is considered as one of the several shuttle-woven fabrics that come with intricate patterns, which often includes a selection of flowers, plants and other natural images. It is usually woven using a selection of various types of silk that are accented with metallic threads as a means of adding texture and visual interest. More so, this fabric is used in several of different applications, such as formal wear and stage costuming. Creation of Brocade Typically, a draw loom is used to create...

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Delve Linen’s Well-Cultivated History and Popularity

Delve into Linen’s Well-Cultivated History and Popularity

Linen is amongst first fibers that people made into string and cloth. It comes from the flax plant, which grows all over the Mediterranean region and Central Asia. A flax plant is tall and reed-likethat has long fibers, making it easy to spin into thread. The plants are usually picked, and then left to soak in a tub of water or a stream until the hard outside stem rots away and leaves the long, soft fibers underneath. This process is called Flax Retting. (Picture from Backgro...

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Basic Hand Sewing Techniques You Need to Learn Now

Basic Hand Sewing Techniques You Need to Learn Now

Whether you’ve done it or not, most people have sewn garments by hand sewing all of the stitches. And despite having a sewing machine, there are just times that basic hand sewing is going to provide you the best results. You can learn more about hand sewn stitches as well as how to sew them. That way, you will know right away what stitch works best and where to use these various hand sewing stitches. How to Thread a Hand Sewing Needle (Picture from Threading a needle ...

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Polyester: Taking Care of It and Its Characteristics

What is Polyester; How to Take Care of It; and What its Characteristics Are

Polyester is often defined as long-chain polymers that are chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid. In simpler words, it means the linking of numerous esters within the fibers. Basically, the reaction of alcohol with carboxylic acid leads to the formation of esters. Moreover, this kind of fabric may refer to several polymers, all of which the backbones are created by esterification condensation of both polyfunctional alcohols and a...

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