How to Prioritize and Organize Sewing Projects

Organizing your Sewing Projects for the Year

When you are a sewing blogger and a sewing enthusiast at the same time, things can certainly go out of hand, easily. Blogging itself can take a lot of our time and creativity, and so does sewing. With this, a common scenario that happens when things get too overwhelming is a huge pile of backlog of both sewing projects and sewing posts. These two are basically highly interrelated. One backlog on a sewing project also means a backlog on the sewing posts, as well. Unfortunately, unlike other blog ...

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Correcting Misconceptions About Sewing Baby Stuff

Considerations To Have When Sewing For Babies

When it comes to creating a long list of sewing projects, it would definitely seem like we can sew almost anything, except for baby stuff. This reluctance basically comes from the fear of actually not producing a safe enough output that would suit the baby’s sensitive skin. I personally shun from sewing anything for my nieces until they turned around two to three years old. The main challenge in sewing for babies is actually picking the right fabric that will be soft and safe enough for the li...

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Useful Information on Different Sewing Fabrics

Sewing Fabrics You Can Choose From

In sewing a garment, choosing what fabric to use is the most important decision. A wrong choice may lead to an unsuccessful outcome. There are a lot of fabric options for any pattern to help you choose the right fabric for your project. The style of a garment affects the material, and the material is a significant part of the appearance of the garment. Choose the material according to what you want the garment to look like. The use and maintenance of a garment is also essential. You should consi...

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Perfect Sewing Ideas For People In Colder Regions

Sewing Ideas If You Live In An Eternally Cold Place

  • August 04, 2016
  • Sewing Tips, Sewing Tutorials

When it comes to looking for the next sewing ideas, it can sometimes get frustrating when the ones we find are just not the right match for our location. In my years of trying out various sewing projects, one of the biggest realizations I have is that not every sewing idea is for me, and location and weather both play a crucial role in determining such. If you live in an eternally cold place then you will least likely need not sew too many skirts and tunic tops, no matter how tempting it may be....

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Tricks On How To Sew High Quality Clothes From Home

Quality Sewing: What Makes Other Clothes More Durable Than The Rest

There are certain brands that we like to patronize mainly because of the comfort level of the clothes that they are selling. Aside from comfort, we also naturally look for brands that offer durable apparel, those that do not easily fall apart in the seams, among other parts. Now, from a sewing perspective, this also poses a challenge: how can we create pieces that are both comfortable and durable? Are these limited to big brands, only? These answer is of course, no. Handmade and homemade clothes...

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Sewing Blog: Easy Steps To Follow Before Launching

How to Start a Sewing Blog

Just like most blog niches, sewing blogs were born out of people’s love for the craft and not with the mere need to start a blog. And this is one of the first consideration that you need to know if you are contemplating on a new sewing blog. You have got to love sewing, first. I’ve encountered so many writers who attempted to start their own niche blog upon seeing that other people are also earning well from that kind of niche. They end up getting frustrated with the results. Blog readers kn...

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Sewing for Fashion: How Sewing Blogs Evolved

Fashion Sewing: The New Trend Among Bloggers

Back in 2007, several bloggers, women mostly, achieved a massive traffic on their personal blogs by simply posting their outfits online. Many readers loved it because it serves as a visual inspiration for what average people like the bloggers can actually wear. It broke the notion of merely looking into celebrity’s fashion to influence our own choices. Back then, we were connecting with writers and fashionistas who resemble the lives we live. They, too, have their jobs, look out for sales, and...

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Importance of having a strong and reliable Sewing Table

Why is Sewing Table so Important?

For professional seamstress, a sewing table is a necessity. However, for those like us who is only doing sewing as a past time or hobby, a sewing table may be the last on the to-buy list. Aside from it being a bulk purchase, it will also take up space in our creative room. This is why the popular tendency is to settle for whatever table is already available around the house or room. After all, it’s relatively easy to place a sewing machine on any table top, especially if it is portable. Howeve...

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Sewing Accessories Must-Haves For Every Sewing Blogger

Buying the Right Sewing Accessories

When it comes to picking all your paraphernalia for a hobby like sewing, it can easily get overwhelming and there’s that impulse to buy just pretty much anything you see. Eventually though, majority of these purchases end up adding to the sewing clutter. But, admit it, sewing accessories just make the task even more exciting! Buying the right sewing accessories will also ensure that you will be able to more productive in every sewing project that you have. It is also way more convenient if you...

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Sewing DIY Fashion Upgrade for Every Closet

Sewing for Fashion: Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Closet

  • July 27, 2016
  • Dresses, Sewing Tutorials

If there’s one thing I learned from following fashion trends for more than a decade now, it is to not jump on any trend all the time. I understand how many of us still tend to spend for fashion, sometimes even way too much. This is especially true if you are like me who follows a couple of fashion bloggers. They just make everything look better, that you would want to have exactly what they are wearing, as well. After so many seasons and trends, you end up with a closet full of clothes you no ...

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