Simple Rules to wash your Delicate Dresses with Care

How to Take Care of Delicate Fabrics?

During the wedding season, women pull out some of the nicest clothes. You see them wearing silk, a delicate fabric that was designed with a lot of flair and sprinkled with sequins. Although these clothes are fancy, it does not mean these women are into high fashion. Clumsiness can take over during an event and the clothes may have wine, food, or other fabric stains on these gorgeous dresses. These situations will give you a headache when you decide to clean your clothes by yourself. Delicate fab...

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3 Types of Sewing Tables you can buy for your job

Types of Sewing TableYou Can Choose From

Sewing machines have been Familiar sewing machines are made from wood and they’ve been manufactured for a long time.around for a long time and they have always been installed/mounted on different types of sewing tables. A sewing table should also be able to support crafting activities like sewing and fit the work space that you have. It should also be strong and durable because it will be carrying a heavy sewing, quilting, or serger machine. Find sewing tables that would look well with the des...

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How Sewing Blogs can give You Passive Income?

Earning Passive Income from A Sewing Blog

Online gigs are the new business trend nowadays. Businessmen either get active income, passive income, or both in return. This time will be all about how you can earn passive income from your sewing blog. But first, let’s define what passive income is. It’s a result of a business model wherein you build a product and your earning comes from an automated system or there’s a scheduled delivery of payment from the product. Automatic income can really sound enticing. Imagine money pouring into...

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Try These Sewing Projects Before Summer Season Ends

Sewing Projects to Accomplish Before the Summer Ends

Unfortunately, for most of us, summer is nearing its end. This means waking up extra early again to prepare the kids for school. There will be another kind of busy in the household and in the city brought about by renewed energy of almost everyone fresh from their vacation. With only a few more days left before summer officially ends, it’s time to sneak in a few more sewing projects before your days will start to be filled up with more adult stuff. Chiffon top Check out the newest patterns fro...

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Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops

Weighing In on Online and Offline Sewing Shops

Just like most stores and products these days, sewing shops are also migrating to the e-commerce field, making it easier for most of us to check out almost any sewing material we need. However, despite the popularity of online sewing shops of today, it is interesting to know how some major sewing shops still thrive up to today even without building their own online shopping site. Sewing as a vintage hobby Judging from how old some of the sewing shops in Europe are, it is safe to say that sewing...

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Choosing the Right Fabric for An Easy Sewing Project

Beginner-Friendly Types of Sewing Fabric

The success of every sewing project relies less on your skills and more on the reliability and compatibility of the materials that are being used. And this is where majority of the sewing beginners often encounter a stumbling block. Oftentimes, they start off with the regular sewing materials and accessories that the veterans are already using. This will make even the easiest sewing project challenging. There are beginner-friendly sewing materials, and it is totally fine to use them first. One o...

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Summer Dresses to Try With Butterick Patterns

Easy Dresses From Butterick Patterns

I'm not sure when my obsession for dresses started exactly, but as far as I can remember, ever since junior high, I have unconsciously filled my closet with dresses. This is also how I consequently learned to sew my own dresses, simply for practical reasons. Sewing your own dress is definitely a lot cheaper, plus you get to be assured of the fit and comfort. When I was a student, I had so much time to try out new dress designs with the help of various sewing patterns. But, as I grew older, and m...

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Learn More About The Reliable Juki Sewing Machine

What Is A Juki Sewing Machine?

  • July 07, 2016
  • Gears, Sewing Tutorials

Juki Corporation is a sewing machine maker from Japan which has grown to become one of leaders in developing the latest sewing machines in the world. The company started its expansion back in the early 70’s to the US creating Juki America and it has since expanded to other countries having distributors for their machines and parts in many different parts of the world. The Juki Sewing Machine is found in both the apparel and non-apparel industry. They have a long line of industrial sewing machi...

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New Sewing Ideas from Simplicity Patterns

Try These Simplicity Patterns To Expand Your Sewing Portfolio

Perhaps, you’ve been sewing for a couple of months already and have mastered all the basic sewing projects available. You’ve also embarked on some challenging crafts like knitting, upholstery, among others. Wherever you are in your sewing journey, it always pays to explore new ways to grow in your craft. One of the ways to do that is to explore new patterns to embark on. Simplicity patterns are among the friendliest providers of detailed and elegant sewing patterns of today. Although the bra...

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Choose from different sewing patterns around the world

Simplicity Patterns and Other Sewing Patterns You Must Have

With hundreds of patterns available online and offline these days, just how do you know which ones to give a try? This is a common struggle among first time sewing hobbyists. Oftentimes, the most experienced sewers and hobbyists talk about their patterns like they just easily bumped into it readily. Not much has been said about the process of selecting a pattern that actually work for them. This is a crucial consideration when it comes to selecting sewing patterns: learning what works for you. O...

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