Unraveling About the Truths About Fabric Quality

Dealing with Itchy Fabric

Let's take a quick break from sewing projects, and shift our attention to another aspect of sewing that is equally important: the fabric quality. I guess it's safe to say that many of us have had frustrating experiences with poor fabric quality, especially itchy ones. It's particularly frustrating when you pick a fabric that is supposedly made from 'wool' and 'cotton', only to find that it irritates the skin, still. What Makes Fabric Itch? So how is it that some of our clothing are itchy, w...

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Several useful tips for sewing stretch fabrics

Basics of Sewing Stretch Fabric

Beginners or first timers in sewing stretch fabrics can be a scary thought if you think about it. The fabric can be really hard to get the correct measurements and you might be afraid to get it wrong once you start sewing. These are common concerns that although are true, it doesn’t really mean that it’s too difficult to learn the basics of sewing stretch fabric. A general idea on sewing together a stretchy garment would be to use sewing techniques that will not affect the stretchiness of th...

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Everything You Need to Know About Sewing Machine

Learn More About Sewing Machine Through Its Parts

Clothes are getting more and more expensive nowadays. People want to find different ways to cut off a big chunk of their shopping budget. Some go to thrift shops while others go to garage sales as much as they can to get items at the cheap. Although scavenger hunts like this can be fun, you can’t really rely on it if you want to find clothes that would fit well. Most of the time, you’ll get items that are worn down or don’t really fit you well even though they look good. Still, the best a...

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Choose from different sewing patterns around the world

Here Are The Most Popular Sewing Patterns You Must Have

With hundreds of patterns available online and offline these days, just how do you know which ones to give a try? This is a common struggle among first time sewing hobbyists. Oftentimes, the most experienced sewers and hobbyists talk about their patterns like they just easily bumped into it readily. Not much has been said about the process of selecting a pattern that actually work for them. This is a crucial consideration when it comes to selecting sewing patterns: learning what works for you...

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Easy Breezy Dress Patterns - Created With A Twist

Sew Dresses For Daily Use

Dresses are probably my weakness. So, I naturally constantly stalk my favorite sewers make the dress of my dream. And today, I found another one that I badly wish to replicate in the future when I have more time: This dress is by Carolyn Smith. I am firstly smitten by the color block in this dress, because you can never go wrong with a color block. Second, this hand-sewn dress looks easy-breezy, perfect for the summer days and for daily errands. As if that’s not enough, the pattern of the dr...

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Sewing ideas to make upgrade your old jeans in style

How to Make Jeans More Fashionable

  • April 29, 2016
  • Sewing Tips, Sewing Tutorials

Open a girl’s closet and you will immediately find several pairs of jeans in it. You’d see new jeans on the hanger and some old ones stacked on top of each other at the corner of the cabinet. It is common you will forget about your old jeans when you’ve bought newer ones to wear. What if we told you that you can bring these old jeans back in style through sewing? This article will focus on helping you make your jeans more fashionable with easy to follow sewing ideas you can do right away. ...

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A List of Expenses for Every Sewing Newbie

Is Sewing Expensive? See How Much It Will Really Cost You

When you are already months into sewing, that's when it hits you: "this is in no way a cheap hobby!" I bet I am not alone in initially thinking that by pursuing sewing, I will be able to save on clothing cost, but eventually realized that this is not exactly the case. Once you get hooked, you end up buying more than what you need (because that’s what hobbies are for, in the first place). Also, another inevitable development along the way is starting to explore other sewing projects aside from ...

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The Many Benefits of Having a Sewing Hobby

The Many Positive Things We Get From Sewing

When you learn to sew, you can think of a lot of benefits you get once you’ve acquired this skill. For one, you can easily repair your clothes if their torn, has a loose button or two, or some other fix. You also won’t be spending as much money on clothes because you can either make your own or make some alterations on your old clothes to mimic the latest trends. Aside from these obvious reasons that sewing can give you, there is one fundamental reason why people, women in particular, contin...

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Repairing Old Clothes For A Cost-Free Spring Pieces

Totally Free Ways to Have New Clothes For Spring

Yes, it will definitely involve a lot of sewing! Aside from that, it will also require a lot of decision making and closet cleaning. This will be the ultimate round of spring cleaning that you may or may not have started, yet. I am talking about getting out those clothes that you have not worn for months, even during winter. We all have those purchases that unfortunately did not make it to the essentials section. They are those that were once or twice, then went into a box that you haven’t ch...

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Pursue your fashion dream first and then start sewing

Sewing and The Fashion Dream

There are a lot of women around the globe who dream of working in the fashion industry someday. It can be explained by the inclination we have for looking beautiful in our clothes because we want to feel great both inside and out. This dream, even though we start off imagining it, influences our way of thinking since it would be great if somehow we are able to find a way to live it. Aside from the money, fashion designers touch people’s through the clothes that make them feel great. Fashion ...

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