Tricks On How To Sew High Quality Clothes From Home
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  • Posted August 02, 2016
Tricks On How To Sew High Quality Clothes From Home

Quality Sewing: What Makes Other Clothes More Durable Than The Rest

Quality Sewing: What Makes Other Clothes More Durable Than The Rest

There are certain brands that we like to patronize mainly because of the comfort level of the clothes that they are selling. Aside from comfort, we also naturally look for brands that offer durable apparel, those that do not easily fall apart in the seams, among other parts. Now, from a sewing perspective, this also poses a challenge: how can we create pieces that are both comfortable and durable? Are these limited to big brands, only?

These answer is of course, no. Handmade and homemade clothes can still be as durable as the branded ones given the right sewing techniques and material. The comfort of the clothes will of course greatly rely on the type and quality of the fabric used. Now, the only challenge is on how to achieve a long-lasting stitch on the clothing pieces that we sew. After further study and practice here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way on how to achieve quality sewing.

1) Master the art of stitching

Remember when you were just starting with sewing, and learning every stitch was a milestone? It turns out that those stitching lessons were crucial in achieving a high-quality output. Specifically, knowing and perfecting the right stich for a certain clothing will ensure that the seams will stay neat and intact for a longer duration. At this point, it is also important to know the most appropriate stitch for the type of fabric.

2) Sewing Machine Quality

If you have been experiencing problems with your sewing machine, and you have the intent to create something of high-quality, then it’s best to have your machine checked first. The state of the sewing machine will also have a huge impact on the overall quality of your project. You can avoid slips, inconsistent stitches, and other problems when your sewing machine is in the best condition.

3) Thread quality/ thread strength

I have encountered these terms before, but never really considered it crucial until I started my research on quality sewing. It turns out that our thread choices will greatly determine how long the stitch will last, as well as its grip on the fabric. It is also crucial to pick the right type of thread for the fabric if we want the hems to look as seamless as possible.

When it comes to quality sewing, be careful not to ever compromise on the standards of the materials you use. This is probably the reasons why some clothing brands are priced the way they do.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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