Quick Sewing Fixes for Wardrobe Emergencies
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  • Posted January 21, 2016
Quick Sewing Fixes for Wardrobe Emergencies

Quick Sewing Fixes for Wardrobe Emergencies

Quick Sewing Fixes for Wardrobe Emergencies

At some point, it will happen to us - an embarassing wardrobe malfunction that may potentially ruin a beautiful day. Even for sewing hobbyists like us, this can still cause some panic. This can be avoided though if we always go out prepared. One of the best ways is to have a reliable and portable sewing kit in stash. There are now a lot of sewing travel kits that come in pretty and compact packages, they will barely consume space in your purse.

Here are the most common wardrobe fixes that you can definitely sew away.

1) Missing Button - even the best blouses can have this problem. But this can also happen to pants, skirts, and shorts. The fastest way is to simply use a safety pin to close the clothing together. This is best if the area can be hidden. If not, most wardrobe come with extra buttons, so you can easily turn to your sewing kit to sew the button in its right place within minutes. No sweat!

2) Rips in skirts and blouses - The initial solution is to simply pull the ripped area inward along with the other threads then tape them from the inside. If you have your sewing kit with you, you can do this more securely by sewing the edges together from the other side (inside of the garment).

3) Hemline dip - when you end up with a dress that is suffering from an undone hemline, your fastest solution is a fashion tape. However, if you are a sewing scout, then you can definitely sew the hem back together by taking a quick rest room break. You can even do this from your office desk, depending on the location of the hemline drip.

4) Stocking hole – this is probably the worst and most common problem women from around the world face every day. Sewing may not necessarily solve it but there’s one magic weapon for runs: a clear nail polish. If you wear stockings a lot, make sure to have a colorless polish in your stash to save you from further stocking runs.


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