Safety Tips and Guidelines for Sewing At Home
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  • Posted May 26, 2016
Safety Tips and Guidelines for Sewing At Home

Safety Guidelines For Sewing

Safety Guidelines For Sewing

Sewing is generally a safe hobby. Anyone, regardless of age can definitely pursue this hobby conveniently. But this does not mean that sewing is totally risk-free, especially since we're dealing here with needles and electric sewing machine. So, it would not really harm if we take some precautions as we go on with the sewing hobby. It's often from familiarity that most sewing mishaps actually happen.

One of the most basic tips for a safe sewing is to be mindful not to put the finger too close to the needle. There's a high chance to prick your finger in the set-up, especially if the sewing project requires more mobility. Surprisingly, needle wounds happen more often to experienced sewists, which is basically consistent with the earlier idea that familiarity of the task often leads to carelessness of handling the sewing tools. For more secured protection, a finger guard can also be purchased from your favorite sewing outlet.

For those who are using electronic sewing machine, make sure to always unplug the machine when not turn off. Another common habit, out of familiarity, is to simply leave the sewing task, along with the machine plugged, to do other things. The sewing machine can easily become hot when plugged, even when not used. Try to practice more mindfulness when handling these electronic tools.

Moving beyond external risks, it is also important to think about your own wellness while pursuing a sewing hobby. One of the best ways to do this is to have your own ergonomic sewing chair and table. It's really tempting to just simply melt in a sofa then sew away or simply drag any chair then get going on the sewing machine. These practices will eventually take a toll on your body. There are now a lot of ergonomic chairs and tables that you can use to safely sustain your sewing hobby. Sewing is also stressful for the eyes, so regardless of age, it is highly advisable to have proper lighting when sewing.

Finally and more importantly, the safest way to go about with a sewing is to make sure that you are alert enough to do it. It can be actually tempting to sew just before sleeping or when you're sick. However, sewing during these circumstances will only increase the risks of incurring wounds and other accidents related to sewing.


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