Save Money Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag
Save Money Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

Save Money and Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

Save Money and Help Mother Nature, Make Your Own Tote Bag

For as many people there are in this world, there are just as many countless reasons why you should start recycling shopping bags. From article after article, blog after blog, we all know the importance it does to the environment. Other than the fact that you can make your own tote bag and use it for shopping, you are surely contributing a part in making planet Earth a better place.

But before we delve into the heart of the matter, let’s see what the current trend really is.

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Plastic Bags V.S. Paper Bags

It seems that more and more supermarkets nowadays have discontinued the use of plastic bags, thus paved a way for paper-only shopping bags to set the trend. In fact, customers can receive discounts whenever they bring their own reusable bags, provided that it’s paper. Well, thanks to rediscovering the inconvenient truth about plastic bags, we are now fond of using paper bags.

But really, have we made Earth a better place by doing so? Was our move to forsake plastic bags and turn our interest towards using paper bags made a significant change? Well, sadly, it didn’t. Remember that paper is made from trees, thus we only made things worst.

The Tote Craze

If pinpointing when the tote craze really started, it’s difficult – regardless of the concept being not new. In the past, organizations used it as giveaways during events like fundraisers. It served as a simple token symbolizing appreciation and/or philanthropy. Tote bags were more of a social propaganda than what it is today – at least.

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As the tote bag craze bloomed, you can see various enthusiasts embraced it as a form of messages on par with T-shirts. Even the design industry became enthralled by the never-ending stream of totes – each one made uniquely by a clever, eye-catching graphic. And although it offered potentialities (which are actually evident today), plethora of questions were raised regarding the sustainability of products regardless of the intentions placed behind it.

Tote Bags for Shopping

Fast forward today, tote bags have become a global craze. Reusing it each time people go shopping is just one of the many things people find it useful for. Tote bags have exemplified durability and usability – let alone its affordability – two factors that neither paper bags nor plastic bags can uphold.

You can even see a lot of DIY tutorials in cyberspace on how to make one. This just goes to show how it is deemed nowadays, and that people find it interesting to use tote bags designed personally by them. Well, if you’re intrigued, you can find a lot of information online for your reference in making your own tote bag.

This link right here is just one of them:

And this one, too:

Furthermore, what makes tote bags really cool is the fact that it helps the environment. It is definitely reusable and replaces the existence of plastic bags (and paper bags in one way or another. So everytime you reuse tote bags each time you go shopping, remember that you are helping Mother Nature. Yes, you heard that right! You are not only saving money, but you are also helping reduce the amount of plastic bags used – all of which are harmful to the environment. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.


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