Sew Your Own Tote Bags Business Marketing Strategy
Sew Your Own Tote Bags Business Marketing Strategy

Sew Your Own Tote Bags: A Great Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Sew Your Own Tote Bags: A Great Marketing Strategy for Your Business

One way to measure your brand’s value and impact is through the number of impressions it generates. Yes, that’s the number of times your logo catches a pair of eyeballs. And one way to do just that is by creating tote bags with your brand’s logo on it – that’s one great marketing strategy!

Whether you agree or not, a tote bag is the most productive imprinted product available. Study shows that a single tote bag can be exposed to 7224 people (that’s quite a lot, right?). Approximately, that makes tote bags 2.4 times more productive and efficient than any other marketing/advertising forms (i.e. caps, headgears, brochures, etc.).

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Let’s Start Comparing Your Return on Investment

On an average, a tote bag may cost around $10. However, its impression is around $00.001 – a hundredth of a penny. On the other hand, a radio’s impression can generate up to 58 times more; whereas a cable TV impression costs 5 times more. The only cost per impression remotely close to that of a tote bag is an internet ad, which is 3 times more expensive.

When you consider the above figures, remember that the Internet, print and broadcast ads are only momentary; while an average tote bag is schlepped several times a month for over half a year. If you know the equation, that gets to another measure of impact – frequency, that is.

By using the bag more often, your constituent is not only generating impressions, but also exposed to a great series of repeated impressions. This is when your tote bag bonus enters – the said frequency enhances one’s affinity for your mission. Great marketing strategy, isn’t it?

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So, what’s the Conclusion?

It’s safe to say that your tote bag is not only cost effective and least expensive, but also an effective way to build a stronger bond with the supporter/customer who carries the bag. It is certainly a great method to place your business/organization’s identity in front of the public.

But Wait… There’s More!!!

Aside from the fact that you’re generating fewer resources in marketing your business/product, you can also create your own tote bags without having to contract a manufacturer or whatnot. Why? Well, that’s because you can actually create/make your own out of the many materials that are available. In fact, you can find a lot of helpful tips and tutorials if you don’t know your way to the “tote-bag-making” industry.

Still not convince? How about this one here – it’s a tutorial on how you can sew your own tote bag out of a recycled t-shirt. Or, if you are in a hurry and want to make as many tote bags as possible, hereisa 20-minute tote bag tutorial that can you help you do just that.

So, yeah, what are you waiting for? Go and start sewing that dream tote bag of yours!


Alvin is a fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing his own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives him another avenue to express his experiences and learning in his sewing journey.

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