Halloween Costume for Kids - Get Your Inspiration
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  • Posted October 02, 2015
Halloween Costume for Kids - Get Your Inspiration

Sewing for The Halloween Season

Sewing for The Halloween Season

With Halloween just around the corner, we are certain many of you are now rushing to the internet looking for new costume ideas for your kids. This "trick or treat" season is actually another opportunity for you to bring out your sewing prowess to create a homemade Halloween costume for your little ones.

Sewing Halloween costumes is not only a practical approach to the annual event, it also gives you more room to personalize your kid's attire making it more meaningful.

So, start wearing your seamstress hat on and get ready for another fun sewing session.

When it comes to Halloween costume sewing patterns, one of the favorite patterns is probably, Simplicity. They have a wide array of sewing patterns to choose from, with varying characters. So, you will never run out of ideas with their patterns. Simplicity has long been known for their patterns that promote creativity and fun in sewing. This is why the company has been one of the go-to brands when it comes to costume patterns.

Halloween Costume for Girls

For some strange reasons, many of the hobbyists I know find it easier to sew Halloween costumes for girls. This classic pattern from Simplicity is one of their easier pieces that allow more room for creativity. This blouse and skirt combination can be turned into almost any character depending on the fabric and accessories used. Among the more popular concepts for this pattern are dolls, vampires, and a sassy wolf.

Disney Bunch: Disney Princesses are a classic favorite for children on Halloween. This is something that you can also rely on Simplicity. They have versatile patterns that you can use for different Disney characters, which can also be personalized according to your child's age. This pattern works well with any fabric type, as well.

Halloween Costumes for Boys

Now, when it comes to boys' costumes? What easily comes to mind? I've heard a lot of mothers complain about running out of ideas for their little boys for Halloween costumes. Admit it, Batman and Spiderman costumes will eventually get old.

We turned to McCalls sewing patters for this. McCalls is another leading name when it comes to creative sewing patterns, and they truly have a lot of options that little boys will love, as well. If you are tired of doing superhero costumes with masks, then you can start exploring these fun card costumes from McCalls. It's a new and unique idea that is sure to make your cute boy stand out some more.

They also have fun animal sewing patterns that may look complicated upfront but are actually fun and easy to make. Play with your skills and imagination with these sewing patterns.


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