Perfect Sewing Ideas For People In Colder Regions
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  • Posted August 04, 2016
Perfect Sewing Ideas For People In Colder Regions

Sewing Ideas If You Live In An Eternally Cold Place

Sewing Ideas If You Live In An Eternally Cold Place

When it comes to looking for the next sewing ideas, it can sometimes get frustrating when the ones we find are just not the right match for our location. In my years of trying out various sewing projects, one of the biggest realizations I have is that not every sewing idea is for me, and location and weather both play a crucial role in determining such. If you live in an eternally cold place then you will least likely need not sew too many skirts and tunic tops, no matter how tempting it may be. Sewing ideas, to be more fun and practical should be more inclined to the weather that you have. Unfortunately, some of us do not get to enjoy a cozy spring weather so floral dresses are not that ideal, either.

I’ve scouted the internet, as well as our various training workshops for a couple of sewing ideas that we can do especially for the extended cold months.

Oversized sweater

Well this one’s a classic for the winter season. But, it also never gets old. It can even be worn during a breezy spring weather. For a warmer wear, challenge yourself to knitting a sweater instead of going for the usual cotton fabric. This will take more of your time, so you will definitely have a lot to do for the whole season.

Fleece Slippers

Do you have spare fleece fabric from your stash? Or a fleece blanket that you haven’t used for years? It’s time to put it to new and better use by going for another typical winter wear – a cozy slipper. Since you already have all the necessary fabric and sewing materials, you only need to find yourself a good base like a cardboard and rubber sole. You can sew fleece slippers for your family, or save it as your very own personalized gift for the coming Yuletide season.

Body Wrap

Imagine how cozy it would be to just chill in your living room, near the fire place, watching a marathon of your favorite TV show with an ever reliable body wrap. This is smaller than a blanket but way larger than your typical shawl. You can even play around it and create holes for your arms. As for the fabric choice, you can also stick with fleece, but if you’d like a little challenge and have more time at hand, you can definitely knit this, as well. The warmer and softer, the better.

Appliance Cover

Notice how the cold always tend to make some of the home appliance cranky? Some appliances like the microwave, fridge, and stereo would appreciate a good old covering especially once the temperature outside and inside start to drop. The sewing technique may seem basic, but you will definitely not run out of things to sew by designing the fabric covers for a couple of your appliances. One cover can last for months, unless you feel like having a design for the month.

It’s tempting to just knit your way out of the cold weather, but it also helps to have several sewing projects to choose from that are actually more functional. The best part is, most of them do not require additional fabric. You can certainly make use of the spare fabric you have and put them to better use.


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