Sewing in a neat zip every time for all your dresses
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  • Posted September 24, 2015
Sewing in a neat zip every time for all your dresses

Sewing Inspiration: Neat Zip Lines in Blouses and Dresses

Sewing Inspiration: Neat Zip Lines in Blouses and Dresses

Let’s face it, the quality and placement of the zippers in any outfit can make or break it. I’ve had some top picks that I let go of too soon due to a bad zipper placement. So why won’t I just avoid tops and dresses with zippers, right? Easier said than done, darling. I have this strange attachment to zippedoutfits all because they give me a good feeling that they will fit me perfectly, especially when I had it custom-made for me. With this, I’ve been looking for the right compromise between a good fit and a neatly done zip.

Invisible zipper tutorial from

A lot of sewing masters I follow have perfected this in their own output. I’ve even seen one handmade blouse with a seamless zipper! Wish I could find that somewhere around here. Or better yet, wish I could make one for myself! I have been sewing for a hobby for almost a year now, and majority of the patterns I have are undoubtedly easy to follow, but none of them have a pattern line for a neat zip line so far.

Some of my friends actually turn to personalizing their on-hand patterns to achieve the zipper placement that they want. However, most of them have done such for skirts and slacks, but rarely on tops. Like seriously? Is it really too much to ask?

I currently cannot personalize my own pattern (and I’m planning to learn it really soon). In the meantime, anyone of you have a really good neat zip pattern that you share? I’ll be hosting a seminar in two months and I’m thinking of wearing self-made dress showcasing a seamless zipper line. Let me know your thoughts!


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