Sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for Adults – DIY
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  • Posted October 01, 2015
Sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for Adults – DIY

Sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for Adults – DIY

Sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for Adults – DIY

It's the time of the year again, when people start researching spooky costume ideas for Halloween. For quite a time now, Halloween parties are no longer for kids. Even adults and kids-at-heart enjoy their own version of Halloween parties. And one of the highlights of these parties are of course the costumes.

If you're someone who has been to several Halloween parties already, you may find yourself struggling to find a new costume idea for this year. This is can also be a similar case for those who will be participating in Halloween parties for the first time. You would want your costume to be fun, spooky, at the same time unique. One of the sure ways to achieve a standout costume that will also reflect your personality is to of course make it yourself. You have probably seen a lot of people flaunt their handmade Halloween costumes in the past years. Good news! You too can recreate the Halloween costume you want.

All you need is a sewing pattern that you can work comfortably with. Now is the perfect time to start searching for costume ideas, sewing supplies, and the perfect pattern. Come Halloween month, you'll be ready to strut your own creation.

So, how do you find a sewing pattern that works for you?For Halloween costumes, it is actually not that much of a challenge because majority of the biggest names in sewing patterns constantly update their Halloween collections. All you have to do is check their portfolio out, since most of them already have their online site.

Halloween costume patterns often classified in to easy and advanced pieces. This means that there will always be a sewing pattern for your skill. You’ll be surprised at how versatile these sewing patterns are in terms of fabric needed and design options. You can even reuse these sewing patterns for another year.

Top Halloween Sewing Patterns for AdultsButterick

One thing we love about Butterick is that they never run out of fun ideas when it comes to costumes. This is the go-to brand for cosplay costumes, so it’s no longer surprising to know that they also have a lot of Halloween costume ideas year after year. For this year, out top choice is long-sleeved maxi dress that can be made from almost all sort of fabric. This basic sewing pattern can turn you into either a witch, an angel, or a fairy. So versatile but also classy!

BurdaBurda is popularly known for their high-fashion pieces. Predictably, even their Halloween costumes sewing patterns look highly fashionable. Their patterns are perfect for ladies out there who are not willing to compromise fashion for spookiness. While this seems like an impossible need, Burda already got you covered. Their Halloween costume patterns may require more advanced sewing skills, though. Just looking at the future output makes the effort worth it.

Remember that these sewing patterns are just the foundation of your overall costume. There is definitely still a lot of room for tweaking in order to turn the pattern into something that truly reflect your Halloween personality.


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