Easy Breezy Dress Patterns - Created With A Twist
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  • Posted May 03, 2016
Easy Breezy Dress Patterns - Created With A Twist

Sew Dresses For Daily Use

Sew Dresses For Daily Use

Dresses are probably my weakness. So, I naturally constantly stalk my favorite sewers make the dress of my dream. And today, I found another one that I badly wish to replicate in the future when I have more time:

This dress is by Carolyn Smith. I am firstly smitten by the color block in this dress, because you can never go wrong with a color block. Second, this hand-sewn dress looks easy-breezy, perfect for the summer days and for daily errands. As if that’s not enough, the pattern of the dress is actually a seamless, reversible cut! It’s not quite obvious from the picture, but this dress is seriously one of those unique ones with a twist! That’s some sewing magic done. It’s one of those infinity wrap dresses I’ve been trying to find online. To this point I haven’t found the right one, yet. Until this happened.

The length of the dress is perfect for me, as well. It’s a comfortable length for walking and sitting around. Gladly, Carolyn also made sure to clarify that the dress is easy to move around in, it won’t expose any compromising areas of the body although from the first look of it, it seemed like it will.

Looking at the dress, I think she used a sheath fabric (which I would definitely prefer, as well). This sort of fabric will not be too hard to deal with given the seamless pattern of the dress. All of the stitches are also strategically hidden inside the dress, so that definitely contributes to the neat finish. I’m not sure though how neat it will look once reversed.

My weakness are easy-to-wear dresses, including the ones featured in Sewing Tidbits’most recent post. It’s a simpler cut that I can try for now. I will reserve the seamless, reversible dress for some other days.


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