Try These Sewing Projects Before Summer Season Ends
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  • Posted July 19, 2016
Try These Sewing Projects Before Summer Season Ends

Sewing Projects to Accomplish Before the Summer Ends

Sewing Projects to Accomplish Before the Summer Ends

Unfortunately, for most of us, summer is nearing its end. This means waking up extra early again to prepare the kids for school. There will be another kind of busy in the household and in the city brought about by renewed energy of almost everyone fresh from their vacation. With only a few more days left before summer officially ends, it’s time to sneak in a few more sewing projects before your days will start to be filled up with more adult stuff.

Chiffon top

Check out the newest patterns from Simplicity and Butterick for more inspiration on new Chiffon top designs. Our personal favorite is the tunic top that can be sewn either with long or short sleeves. Chiffon is also a versatile fabric, because they are not only perfect for summer, they will also look good in autumn, and as an under layer for winter. With a high-quality fabric, chiffon top can be a cozy wear without you having to look too laidback.

Drape curtains

New season, time for new curtains. It’s always a great time to welcome a new season with a set of curtain you sew yourself. Drape curtains in almost any part of the house, without having to look to heavy or overwhelming. You can even sew similar set for the bedrooms and kitchen. This is also a good time to anticipate the colder season, so you may want to use a thicker lining for your curtains.


Another preparation for the colder season is to sew laid back cover-ups that you can pair with almost anything come autumn. If you have enough cover-ups in your closet, you can always give this sewing project as a gift for friends. Choose solid colors for your cover-ups so you won’t have a hard time pairing it with your other outfit.

Sewing is undoubtedly one of the most therapeutic things to do during our spare time. And accomplishing at least one of the projects will be a great remembrance of your wonderful summer.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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