4 Easy Steps on How To Add Ruffles on Any ITem
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  • Posted January 25, 2016
4 Easy Steps on How To Add Ruffles on Any ITem

Sewing Ruffles

Sewing Ruffles

For some reasons, some good-old designs that we used to loath back as a child find their way into the modern times, and once they do, they just look way more fabulous than we last remembered. One of these is ruffles. I remember crying each time my mother lets me wear ruffled skirts. Apparently, my mother probably had an eye for fashion back then that I wasn't seeing. Today, I find myself converting some boring pieces in my closet into more interesting ones by adding ruffles. Even some of my table runners have ruffles, now! Sewing ruffles can be surprisingly easy. As long as you have the fabric ready, and have figured out how long the hem will be. After that, here are the next easy steps to finish your ruffles: 1. Sew a long base stitch along the fabric's top edge. But, remember to not knot the fabric at the end. Instead just leave the thread long and hanging. 2. Sew another long base stitch below the first stitch. Again, just leave the end of the thread hanging. 3. Now comes the fun part: creating the ruffles. Holding the two top threads, gently pull the thread while assisting to slide the fabric through it. 4. To create more ruffles, simply keep on sliding the fabric down on the thread, while at the same time evening out the ruffles. 5. Now, to finalize the stitching, do a running stitch in your fabric to put them together. If you are using a completely new fabric, start sewing along the edges, as well. Now you have the perfect ruffle! You can now start adding this to various items that you want to accentuate with ruffles. Among my personal favorites are tote bags, table runners, curtains, and bed sheets. One final tip, especially for sewing beginners: choose an easy fabric to make ruffles with. Always go with your favorite fabric when creating ruffles the first time.


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