Change the look of your closet with some simple sewing
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  • Posted September 24, 2015
Change the look of your closet with some simple sewing

Sewing Stripes Skirts and Dresses

Sewing Stripes Skirts and Dresses

I’ve been contemplating on having a closet makeover lately. You know try to add more patterns and colours to it. My typical closet is basically a duo of neutrals and stripes. It happens to every girl sometimes, always going for her favorite pattern, then later realizing that she already has that exact pattern back home.

So as part of my makeover plan, I’m thinking of adding more bright colours to my outfit. As for the stripe items? I can’t give them up completely. So I turned to some of my favorite sewing fashionistas to find ways to upgrade most of my striped clothes in a more interesting way than usual.

Luckily for me, I found a really good inspiration for shingle dress. This is definitely a break from my usual baby doll dresses. In her latest blog post, Beth of Sunnygal Studio created one of the most versatile striped dresses I’ve seen. She used Vogue patterns, which also happen to be one of my friend’s favorite to turn to when it comes to classic wear. Looking at the dress, it seemed like the fabric is not one of those typical thin knit material so I bet it’ll fit any body type easily.

The original pattern where the dress was inspired originally followed an envelope one, which the author was not particularly fond of. I would still love to stick to that dress pattern from Vogue 8904, and just make sure to really tailor fit it to my hips. I am thinking of either using one of my maxi stripe dress that I have not been using for months to play with this shingle dress pattern.

But I’d love to find some other fabric ideas too, to make some staple stripe skirt that was previously featured at Sewing Tidbits.

Sewing skirts is much less complicated for me than an entire dress. Do you have some interesting patterns for skirts that I can wear both on casual and formal days? Let me know.

Basically my wardrobe makeover is all about altering some of the basics and sticking with anything that’s stripes!


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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