Different Sewing Threads For Those Who Love to Sew
Different Sewing Threads For Those Who Love to Sew

Sewing Threads For Those Who Love to Sew

Sewing Threads For Those Who Love to Sew

Thread or sewing thread, as called in English, is really essential once you plan to start sewing. If most people generally think that sewing machine and fabric are the foremost important, remember that thread is what holds it all together. This does not mean that sewing is more vital than any other elements – it’s not. It is the sum of all parts that give you the perfect result in the end.

If you spend thousands buying the right serger or sewing machine and hundreds on fabric, then why only save 10 kroner on sewing thread with good quality? Therefore, it is logical to think that people try to save on quality thread when it’s not that expensive.

A sewing machine sewing a green fabric.(Picture from www.amefird.com)

Good Quality Sewing Threads Produce Good Results

Do not compromise by using the cheapest part in any sewing projects, especially the thread. Granted that you’re easily tempted by offers over packs of thread in Aldi for 20 kroner, unfortunately, the quality is often not good. It can result to extra work, especially when the thread breaks several times or it does not hold when you sew/stitch. Therefore, don’t go cheap with the thread. Instead, purchase the one with reasonable quality. It will surely make you happy in the long run.

Cheap Sewing Thread May Be the Right Choice

Although the section above tells you to never compromise in choosing the cheapest sewing thread, there may be areas where you can find affordable sewing thread useful. For example, you can use it for curtains or other places where the thread is not directly exposed to avoid breakage.

Find Sewing Threads That Are Cheap But of Quality

It doesn’t mean that you can’t save money when buying sewing thread. There are a lot of different places you can buy sewing thread and the cheapest are those on the web. One great example is at StofGiganten.dk. Here, you can buy quality sewing thread at about 12 kr.

Coats Astra and Gutermann Creativ Sewing Threads

Coats Astra sewing threads.(Picture from www.zellewegerag.com)

Coats Astra is the world's largest supplier of sewing thread, and has existed for over 250 years. They deliver most of their sewing thread for industrial purposes, and are of high quality and extra strength. On the other hand, Gütermann Creativ is young compared to Coats Astra, and is only 150 years old. Unlike the latter, the former is more focused on the consumer than the industry. They are incredibly popular, especially that they deliver very high quality sewing thread.

Sewing Thread for Overlock - Overlock Thread

Sewing thread for overlock, or colloquially called as the lock wire, is really fun to use. Overlock Threading can be a little thinner than regular sewing and typically comes in large rolls. Common sewing threads usually come with 100 - 1000 meters on the roll, so there is often over 4000 meters on a roll over lock thread.

Polyester vs. Cotton

The use of polyester rather than cotton is a never-ending debate in the sewing industry. It is somewhat a matter of taste, thus it is hard to say which is best. The polyester thread that is cheap in quality, however, can melt if exposed to a certain degree of heat. Cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t experience this. Moreover, Polyester is durable and breaks less than cotton thread. Many quilters swear by cotton thread, perhaps, because there is a common misconception about polyester thread being able to tear through the fabric. However, this has nothing to do with the thread itself, but the strong wire strength it has. But then again, it remains a matter of taste, so just try and see what works best for you.

Sewing Thread Contrasts Colour to the Fabric

Many choose to use sewing threads that are of the same colour as the fabric, although it may sometimes be a good idea to choose a contrasting colour. Just look at any ordinary jeans – they are blue, but with yellow / gold stitching to highlight the cut.

Tip on How to Check the Quality of Sewing Thread

This tip is one I got from a teacher of sewing course.

Pull the thread by hand and see if it breaks much when you do it. Also, check if how worn the fracture is (do this by fraying and curling both ends enough). Unfortunately, as what my teacher said, don’t use the thread in your sewing machine. She had even given an example to all threads from the fabric and style, all of which failed the test. Also, during the course, it was discussed not to buy a sewing thread that is cheap and doesn’t come with a name/brand. It should be discarded right away. Although I may not as you can find good cotton threads at reasonable prices, it is still a good rule of thumb.


Alvin is a fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing his own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives him another avenue to express his experiences and learning in his sewing journey.

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