Quick Guide to Sewing Drapery Curtains At Home
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  • Posted January 11, 2016
Quick Guide to Sewing Drapery Curtains At Home

Sewing Your Own Drapery Curtains

Sewing Your Own Drapery Curtains

It's always good to have something new around the house for the new year. And what better part of the house to freshly decorate than your windows? A new curtain is can easily turn the entire look of the house differently, in a good way most of the time. Of course, we all know how curtains during this time can be extremely expensive. So, we think sewing new drapery curtains could be a cool project to start the year. The thing with sewing curtains is that you can basically work with almost any fabric, preferrably the ones that you are already more comfortable working with. This way, you can easily customize them with lesser cost and effort. Apart from your choice of fabric, do not forget to have at least 5 to 6 yards of drapery lining to complete the whole look. Now, we're ready for the steps:

1) Measuring

Measure the curtain length starting from where the curtain rod to the desired length of the curtain. Make sure to add additional inches for the hem and header allowance of the curtain. Repeat the same step for the other curtain panels.

2) Creating the hem

Create a double hem at the bottom part of the curtain fabric. Ideally, the hem should be at least 4 inches thick. So, for instance, you can start by folding the edge 8 inches up, then fold it for another 4 inches. Press after folding. At this point, you can also start adding weights to the hem, if that's part of you sewing practice.

3) Attach the Lining

Carefully place the fabric on the floor or any flat surface, with the wrong side up. Position the lining at least an inch higher from the bottom edge of the fabric. Smoothen and pin lining and fabric.

4) Create Header

Add at least 4 inches of header from the top edge of your fabric. Pin the folded part in place. Once you start sewing the sides you can also gradually remove the pains.

5) Start sewing!

6) Final Step: Pleating

The key to creating a good pleat is to always fold it outward. Sew every pleat from the top. Once all pleats are done, press them to hold it together for a longer period.

You are now ready to hang your new curtain!


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