3 Simple Knitting Mistake Plus Their Easy Fixes
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  • Posted June 09, 2016
3 Simple Knitting Mistake Plus Their Easy Fixes

Simple Fixes for Knitting Slip-ups

Simple Fixes for Knitting Slip-ups

Learning the techniques to help you get started on knitting is the first step in being good at this hobby. Beginners who have the basic skills will go through projects, from caps to scarves, pretty quickly. It’s not until they make a mistake that the knitting stops.

A knitter who learned basic knitting techniques first has a good foundation but it’s entirely possible that they will commit their first mistake right away. Drop stitch, overstitching, and tight knitting are some of the common mistakes committed by first-time knitters.

Novice knitters can be left dumbfounded when they make a mistake. Many times they resort to just doing the whole project all over again. Actually, you don’t need to start over if you examine your mistakes carefully and find simple fixes when you slip up.

Drop Stitch

Knitters know that a drop stitch is unavoidable. It’s easily found on the fabric because you see a tear or a bad knit job down on the yarn. There is an easy fix for this problem when dealing with the standard stockinette fabric and the stretchy fabric.

For knitted fabrics, the drop stitch should be run up the yarn ladder to get it back level to the properly stitched area. Slowly go bottom up on the dropped stitch from one line to the next as a quick fix. When working with a stretchy fabric, do the same procedure for the knitted parts and when you encounter the purl stitch, use the upper part of the stitch to go down on the purled yarn to fix it.

Added Stitch

As you go through a knitting project, you might not be keeping count of the number of stitches that you’ve done. It is only when you’ve done more knitting than required that you notice you got holes on the fabric and the edges are slanting. Good thing you can fix it right away.

Most people add a stich if they put the yarn over without noticing that they’re on their way to adding another stitch that isn’t really needed. An easy fix would be to back track on the knitted part and remove the yarn over stitch. Carefully go by all the other stitches and remove all the yarn over mistakes fix the problem.

Tight Knits

People who just learned how to knit can get so excited when they work on a project. They tend to grip the needles tightly and pull at the yarn/fabric when they knit. It causes a tightly-knitted fabric that will result in the product being a size shorter.

The early fix is to relax when you knit and not worry about committing drop stitches. Some buy thicker needles to keep the stiches from getting too tight on the set-up. For beginners, knitting should be done over the body of the needle not just at the tip. Don’t be afraid when you start knitting.

Good knitters develop good habit when they do their work. It helps to prevent common knitting slip ups if you look at your previous work to see what you did right and where it went wrong. Learn from it and apply it on your next project. Knitting should help you relax. There’s no need to get uptight and stress over it. You will create better creations when you get more confident in your skills.


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