Must-Have Scarf Fabric in Every Closet
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  • Posted January 27, 2016
Must-Have Scarf Fabric in Every Closet

The Many Kinds of Scarf Fabric to Look Out For

The Many Kinds of Scarf Fabric to Look Out For

I am a die hard scarf girl, and I must admit that they are one of the really few reasons that keep me excited for winter - well at least for the first few weeks. In my years of collecting and sewing scarves, I have learned to pay closer attention to the fabric material used, something I wish I learned earlier.

The kind of fabric used in scarves, just like in almost any garment, greatly determines its usage and comfort level. We've all had those scarves that are just pretty, yet really uncomfortable right? Scarves we wish we could use more often, yet just can't because they are not appropriate for a certain weather?

It all boils down to fabric. Apparently, some fabric materials are simply for versatile than the others. Some fabrics may be more effective for warmer weathers, while some are simply cozy enough for chilly days and nights. So, if you are planning to upgrade your scarf collection this year, make sure to have a good representation of all the good fabrics out there. Here are some of my favorite fabric materials for scarves:

1) Silk - Okay, so this is a no-brainer right? Who doesn't love a good, authentic silk for anything? When I used to buy my scarves, I usually shy away from 100% silk materials simply because they can be really pricey. However, since I got into sewing, I can easily create my own silk scarves at a cheaper cost. My silk scarves are my go to scarves for any weather and occasion. Warm on winter, cool on summer.

2) Pashmina - Considered as the finest kind of cashmere wool there is, Pashmina is also another sought after type of scarf and shawl type internationally. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, a lot of faux Pashmina fabric has been sold all over the world (was a victim of one, myself). Throughout the years, my main indication if a scarf is really authentically Pashmina is to spot for any sheer. I learned by the kind of cashmere used for pashmina is generally matte in texture.

3) Alpaca - this kind of fabric is what I consider as my luxury fabric. It's so silk and soft, I can bring it anywhere! The best part is, it is derived from natural fiber, as well. Alpaca fiber is more appropriate for cooler weather, though.

Buying scarves from these high-quality fabric can be expensive. And this is when your passion for sewing really comes handy and practical. It certainly is more affordable to just buy the fabric, then sew the scarves ourselves. That way, there's no need to pay for the brand's name, anymore.


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