The Many Benefits of Having a Sewing Hobby
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  • Posted April 22, 2016
The Many Benefits of Having a Sewing Hobby

The Many Positive Things We Get From Sewing

The Many Positive Things We Get From Sewing

When you learn to sew, you can think of a lot of benefits you get once you’ve acquired this skill. For one, you can easily repair your clothes if their torn, has a loose button or two, or some other fix. You also won’t be spending as much money on clothes because you can either make your own or make some alterations on your old clothes to mimic the latest trends.

Aside from these obvious reasons that sewing can give you, there is one fundamental reason why people, women in particular, continue to do up to this day. And that is, the fact that it can help you feel better as a person.

The simple task of sewing allows you to engage both the physical and mental side since you need to focus on it. You need to concentrate when you sew. If you don’t, there’s a big chance you’d prick your finger.This level of concentration will keep your mind focused on the task at hand which means you won’t be thinking about other things like cooking dinner, unfinished work, or your laundry. It keeps you from thinking about the things which will stress you out.

Staying Positive

You will be developing good hand-eye coordination and your hand will be much more nimble. The body and the mind will be in sync allowing you to stay alert during the task. Being able to create or repair clothes, improves your self-esteem indirectly as well.

There is a level of satisfaction you get when you are able to redesign an old jacket because you will feel proud of your “project” once it’s done. This is different from a finished task at work since most of the time you don’t see the result of your hard work with your own eyes. Also, you get to show this new jacket of yours off to your workmates.

Developing your skill in sewing can open the door for you to become more sociable. When you enroll in sewing classes, you will get to meet people who share the same interest. However, hanging out with your ’&classmates’ need not be limited to the sewing class. You can join a sewing circle. These small groups are usually composed of good friends and they assign sewing project to the members of the group during a hosting at one of the member’s house.

There are even researches that suggest a unique combination of human development for people who take on sewing as an activity. Other than the social aspect, these people have been found to raise their EQ and their cognitive abilities.

These sewing circles allow people to strengthen friendships and the constant compliments from members of the group on tasks and projects improve a person’s self-esteem. The mental improvement is the biggest reason why many communities hold sewing classes in their area.

Older people who usually are the people who take on sewing have long benefitted from this activity. Those with dementia have been found to still remember how to sew because it is familiar to them which is very different from their ability to learn newer activities.

Even celebrities like Madonna and Meryl Streep take up sewing as a past time. Both have been documented saying that it allows them to relieve some of the stress from their busy schedules. People from all walks of life can get the benefits of sewing making it a great hobby to try out.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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