Storage Tips To Preserve Gowns Longer
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  • Posted January 19, 2016
Storage Tips To Preserve Gowns Longer

The Proper Way to Store Gowns

The Proper Way to Store Gowns

Gowns are one of the most precious pieces of cloth that a girl can own. As a matter of fact, not everyone is able to conveniently buy and own a gown. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who have finally invested on a gown for a special event, it's important to know the perfect tricks to store it, in order to preserve its fabric and overall beauty. For a long time, many of us have only relied on plastic sheaths thinking they can be enough cover-up for the gown. However, these plastic storage can actually do more harm than good to any fabric. It contains chemicals that can cause staining in the gown through time. These plastic sheaths are perfect for short-term storage though. But, if you truly plan to preserve a beautiful gown, here's a safer and easier step: 1) Find a rectangular box that is long enough to conveniently store the gown.

2) Fold the gown very lightly. If possible, place tissue paper in between the folds to prevent the creases from touching.

3) Once you are satisfied with the folding, it's time to wrap the entire gown in a lightweightcotton cloth.

4) Carefully lay the entire package in the prepared box. Make sure to securely wrap the box to prevent light from creeping in. Keep the box in a secure and dry place where it is less exposed to light, as well.

Storing gowns is truly a meticulous process. Fortunately, it's also not advised to do this too often, as it can lead to hastening the damages in the fabric. With this, make sure that you won't need the gown in the next few weeks or months before deciding to store the gown.

These four steps are definitely more complicated that simply wrapping the gown in a plastic, but the long-term effects are definitely way more worth a try.After all, real beautiful gowns never came in affordable prices. So, it makes more sense to try any strategy that can make this priceless piece last longer.


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