Why It's Important to Go for Hypoallergenic Fabric
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  • Posted December 22, 2015
Why It's Important to Go for Hypoallergenic Fabric

The Real Deal About Hypoallergenic Fabrics

The Real Deal About Hypoallergenic Fabrics

We've all heard it before. The sales lady from fabric stores may have constantly bugged us to pick their hypoallergenic collections over the more affordable fabrics we've been used to for years. What's is this buzz about hypoallergenic fabrics and are they truly worth the extra penny?


A lot of elements can trigger allergic reactions in people. The allergen may likewise vary from every individual. This means that one person have develop allergic reactions from a certain fabric while others may not. This means that there is no guarantee that a person will not have allergic reactions from using hypoallergenic fabrics. One good thing about hypoallergenic fabrics though is that they have less irritants, thus making them safer and more comfortable to use.

How to Identify Hypoallergenic Fabrics?

Hypoallergenic fabrics are basically those that were created without any harmful chemical substance, which have been known to be the main trigger for irritation and allergic reactions. Natural cotton is a popular example of such fabric material. When a product says 100% Cotton and Hypoallergenic, that means that the thread used to create the fabric was not treated with any chemical. Furthermore, you will find that these fabrics are easier to wash compared to the synthetic ones. Today, you may find affordable hypoallergenic fabric, with close price range to synthetic fabrics. This is because a lot of fabric makers have already found suitable alternatives to create genuine hypoallergenic fabrics. Examples of such are linen, hemp, and cotton.

Are they worth it?

Our verdict is yes. If you have a chance to go for hypoallergenic fabric, especially for your clothing and home use, always go for it. They will not only be good for your skin and health, but you are also doing the environment a favor, by choosing fabrics that were naturally and ethically made.


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