The Top Proven Tips You Need When Sewing Knits
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  • Posted February 18, 2016
The Top Proven Tips You Need When Sewing Knits

The Top Proven Tips You Need When Sewing Knits

The Top Proven Tips You Need When Sewing Knits

There’s a notion about knits that these are unmanageable to sew. It’s not that easy to sew compared to common fabric like cotton, but knowing the right tips, you will be able to sew in comfort. Here are some tips and information that you should know when sewing with knits:

Sewing Knits Tips

  1. Knits doesn’t require accurate and precise measurements. You need to give it an “allowance” or enough room for adjustments because it has a tendency to get fit in your body if the measurements aren’t perfect.
  1. Remember to pre-wash this fabric, and leave it dry flat. To allow it keep its shape, I recommend to leave them flat for at least a day.
  1. Avoid stretching it while pinning.
  1. Better to stay on the safe side by trying to keep theminside seam allowancesto avoid opening unwanted holes in your garment.
  1. Use pattern weights. If you don’t own one, use anything that can keep your pattern in a stable position. Make sure that it will not damage or stain your fabric.

Pattern Weights

  1. Lay your fabric nice and flat,by giving it a nice press. It will help you in getting rid of all that crookedness. Do not slide your iron, or you’ll distort your garment.
  1. Knits do not unravel, therefore, you can leave your seams and hems unfinished.
  1. Using tissue paper for those slippery moments will be helpful.
  1. Stabilizeyour fabricfusing some lightweight or knit interfacing, toadd some stiff. Sewing on a stabilized knit will be easier and you’ll haveno more skipped stitches.
  1. Less tension in terms of stretching your fabric is recommendable when sewing with knits.

Sewing Tips for Knits

I hope you have learned something from this. Remember to know your fabric first before you start sewing it to avoid wasting your time and effort.


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