Three Things to Remember Before Buying a Sewing Machine
Three Things to Remember Before Buying a Sewing Machine

The Top Three Things Every Sewing Enthusiast Should Remember Before Buying a Sewing Machine

The Top Three Things Every Sewing Enthusiast Should Remember Before Buying a Sewing Machine

Are you itching to make your first ever bag? Well, you definitely are and, most probably, you’re ready to buy your very first sewing machine. But before you actually jump into the actual buying of it, you might want to hear some few tips.

Needless to say, sewing requires some specialized tools – the biggest and most important being the sewing machine itself. If you are new to the sewing business, you might get tempted to purchase a machine as cheaply as possible (like everyone does). However, this is one of those cases where trying to save a few bucks can lead to hours of frustration.

So, without further ado, here are 3 things to remember before buying a sewing machine (you can thank later).

Don’t Just Buy One at a Garage Sale

Just because a machine run doesn’t mean you’re going to spend time on it sewing. Remember that even the simplest seams require dozen of parts in order to be moving at hundreds of revolutions per minute. And despite the fact that sewing is quite relaxing, don’t just buy a cheaply-made machine only to find out that it has mechanical problems. In reality, sewing isn’t frustrating – it’s the machine that frustrates you. Thus, as much as possible, buy the best machine you can possibly afford. It makes sewing easier and the results are even more professional.

Buy the Machine that Fits the Way You Sew

What you need is a sewing machine designed for what and how you sew. If you’re planning to be an occasional sewist, you don’t need those heavy-featured models. Basically, you want a machine that makes quality stitches and something that’s easy to use from the start. You don’t want to re-learn the machine each time you use it.

A well-designed sewing machine(Picture from

Knowing what/how you want to sew will help you narrow the choices down. At the same time, it will allow you to tell the salesperson exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, you can do some research if required, so you’ll have prior knowledge to what’s out there. You want your money to be worth spending after all.

Where Your Buy is Tantamount to What You Buy

Let’s say you’ve finally decided what you want your machine to do and that your next step is to decide which shop to buy. Most folks will think of the popular companies/shops, while others go for the ones that offer affordable prices but quality is assured. Bear in mind that the resources you have at the present moment, such as “how much money you’re willing to spend” or “should I go with the machines that are heavy-features but are expensive,” are important. The idea is to make the most out of your available resources. That way, you won’t regret buying at the end.


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