Secret tips to get better at sewing a pair of jeans.
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  • Posted December 04, 2015
Secret tips to get better at sewing a pair of jeans.

Things Your Tailor Never Told You When Sewing Jeans

Things Your Tailor Never Told You When Sewing Jeans

If you go to your tailor asking denim sewing tips and tricks, the common answer is that you have to buy the right needle and thread to handle the fabric. Well, it’s true that these are important considerations when trying to sew a pair of denim. But, there is actually more to sewing a versatile fabric like denim than just a strong needle and a thick thread.

  • Pre-wash – Experienced tailors working with denim will wash the fabric before they work with it. Some even try to wash and dry it several times before working with it. It makes the job easier because it will be softer. And it also eliminates the “shrinking jeans” problem since the fabric had already been washed prior to sewing. You just have to remember to wash it with fabrics of the same color to avoid ruining it.
  • Sharp sewing tools – Tougher jean fabrics would require that your scissors and blades are sharp enough to handle it easily. Patterns can be cut-out better and faster with a sharp pair of scissors. If you’re working on a thick type of denim, you have to take it one layer at a time making sure you flip each layer so you don’t any fabric. Stronger sewing pins would also be advisable since dealing with tough fabrics can bend them.
  • Practice stitches – Don’t dive right into sewing the denim. Stitch tests on denim scraps can help you get a feel for the fabric and the sewing process for it. It will help you get the right tension and the appropriate stitch length for the fabric. Tailors would advise somewhere between a 3-4 stitch length when dealing with denim.
  • Flatten seams – Seams can be very annoying during sewing. Make sure you always have you iron hot to press the seams on the fabric to keep it from getting in the way of your stitching. Less bulky fabrics make sewing not only easier but more accurate as well.
  • Approach sewing patiently – Allow the denim to run through the machine smoothly, never tug on it or force it through. Never hesitate to use the hand wheel if your machine is stuck on a bulky part.
  • Use a presser foot – Buy or use a sewing machine that has a presser foot. If you primarily sew jeans, then a machine with a presser foot specialized for denim would be perfect. It will keep the fabric from moving around when you run it through the machine making the job easier. Adding topstitches would also be easier if you have a stitching foot presser.
  • Fraying problem – You can avoid fraying if you always try to work like a professional. Jeans with flat-felled seams will look like it came out of the department store. This method of stitching also makes the product strong to handle the pressure when it’s washed and used regularly. A zig zag stich to secure the edge of the inside seams in your fabric will keep it from fraying.

These are just some simple advice when sewing jeans from expert tailors over the years. You can add these to what you already know about sewing right away. Enjoy making your own jeans and never be afraid to be creative.


Kathy is fashion and lifestyle writer who has recently earned interest in sewing her own clothes. Writing for Sewing Ideas gives her another avenue to express her experiences and learning in her sewing journey.

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