Timeless Accessories that Every Woman Must Have
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  • Posted February 10, 2016
Timeless Accessories that Every Woman Must Have

Timeless Accessories that Every Woman Must Have

Timeless Accessories that Every Woman Must Have

With the overwhelming choices of both genuine and fancy accessories, it's getting harder to settle with just one piece of each accessory type. But, who says you have to settle with one right? Collecting accessory items is undeniably on top of the list of fashion-forward women. However, in the midst of these collections, there are some accessory items that should ideally be part of the collection. At times, with the array of options and other trends coming up, we tend to lose track of the basic yet classy accessories.

A pop-of-color bag

Bags and clutches are huge parts of the entire outfit, and you can easily add an appeal to a very simple outfit by carrying an attractive bag with you. Some settle for glittery pouches, but for a timeless and more versatile option, go for neon colors as they will look perfect for day and night activities.


Pearls are elegant and youthful at the same time. Pearls are more effective in accentuating the face than the outfit, which makes it a go-to accessory on down days when you're just too lazy for full make-up. Simply add pearls to your looks for that instant classy appeal. You can't go wrong with pearls.

Long-chain necklaces

These necklaces now come with fun pendants. Go for subtle ones for everyday, casual look. These necklaces can easily spice up a simple outfit. They look good both on plain and printed tops, as well. Dress watches

Out of all types of watches, this one is considered to be the most versatile, considering that they can also be used to accentuate casual outfits. At the same time, dress watches also prove to be a necessary item for an office outfit, gala, and other formal wear.

Bright scarves

Scarves are not just for the colder season. They can also effectively add more impact to certain outfits when worn properly. Make sure to invest in bright-colored scarves as they can immediately complement an outfit, compared to plain ones.

Stylish belt

Look for thinner belts that can be both used on jeans and dresses. An outfit will easily look smarter when worn with belts, so you certainly cannot lose this in your collection, as well. This is a rather short list compared to the number of collections that most of you may already have. However, these are items that remain to be the most worn of all the accessories in the collection. They are the timeless and multi-functional ones that will always look good, whatever the fashion trend may be.


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